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Globalism - conclusions 2011 by Artur Loboda

Globalism - conclusions 2011
by Artur Loboda

Fifteen years ago, thanks to my knowledge of the history of the Jews in Poland, I came to understand the mechanisms of economic scams and the manipulation of money.
But for a long time I did not understand the purpose of contemporary American Jews.
I did not understand why they fight about "free trade" around the world?
After all, in this way they will destroy the United States economy. Formerly, they had escaped from Poland, which had previously been brought to ruin. Whither would they flee from the United States?

After a very long time wondering, I had the answer before my eyes, as have billions of people around the world: It's about a quest for global control – control over all nations –- even at the sacrifice of the United States of America.

The United States have long been under the authority of the Jewish capital.
But how to take control over all other countries of the world? To create in each country one's own agencies and gradually take over power there is the work of decades. But how can it be done and enslave all the countries of the world in just a few years?

"Let me issue and control the money of the country, and I care not who makes its laws," said Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), paragon of international financiers. Allow me to issue the money of any country in the world ..... and I have control over the entire world. But it's almost impossible to take control of the currencies of all countries. It is much easier to force all COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD TO USE ONE (DOLLAR) CURRENCY, for example.

How did this happen? It is destroying national economies of all countries, and it is done by so-called FREE TRADE – by which cheap labor FROM OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY damages the domestic economy. This method was used by the Polish Gentry, whose importation of cheap, albeit inferior, goods from abroad destroyed our economy.
While there is a national economy, the State fights to issue and regulate its own money, because money is the bloodstream of the economy. Deprived of its own economy, the State ceases to fight, and without resistance accepts foreign currency and loses its sovereignty. Then the control of the state is acquired by foreign capital.

Remember that China, Japan and South Korea have their own currencies, which they regulate according to the needs of their economies. An adjustable-rate domestic currency is an essential tool for stimulating the economy and a protection against stagnation and foreign competition. In Russia, the dominant currency is the U.S. dollar and the ruble is only for show. A Russian economy does not exist. Russia is only a supplier of raw materials.

England kept its pound a hard currency and still relies on it. But the countries that adopted the Euro: Portugal, Ireland and Greece - have very serious financial problems. The lack of any relationship between the level of domestic economic development and the value of the currency led to the collapse of the economies and the huge debts of these countries.

After September 9, 2001 the private (Jewish)Federal Reserve Bank, without any controls, began printing billions of dollars. It lends them without restrictions to many countries of the world. In this way, the U.S. economy is weakened.

Rothschild's words have come true: "Let me issue and control the money of the country, and I care not who makes its laws." The Federal Reserve produces money, which has become the currency of many countries. Previously, however, it destroyed the economies of many countries in the world by unfair competition from cheap and tax-free products.

For many years I wondered why the financial lobbies in the U.S. are actively fighting for world "free trade". Finally I realized that in this game, Americans do not count – they are willing to destroy America for their own interests, just as has been done in other countries in the past.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, Poland was the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe. One Polish magnate occupied Moscow with his private army.
Poland successfully resisted the incursions of the Turks. We had power then, but the banks ruined everything.

In the seventeenth century, Polish money gravitated towards Jewish banks because Christians were not permitted to make money by lending money. In the mid-seventeenth century, the largest Jewish bank in Poland collapsed - the Forbes Bank.
In fact, bankers stole all the money and moved to Prussia. Then they melted down Polish coins and put them back into circulation with less precious metal, but with the same denomination. Through this fraud they reduced the value of Polish currency.

The Polish State ran out of money to pay the army, the administration, and to make necessary investments. Soon there was no money to defend the borders, and within two hundred years, Poland disappeared from the map of Europe - seized by her neighbors. Then there was the paper money and the creation of a monstrous public debt - as in the U.S. today. A significant portion of Polish gold was stolen.

How many years remain until the fall of the United States? We now know that the global economic gangsters United States do not care. As they did not care in the past about Poland, the only country in the world that gave shelter to Jews when they had been expelled by all the other countries. These globalists can create a colony anywhere on earth, and America is no longer needed by them, because they have already squeezed that country like a lemon.

Remember that their plan to take control of the world included these steps:

1. The break with the gold standard for the dollar - in 1971.
2. Starting in the 70s, the "fight for free trade", which created unfair competition, as inferior but much cheaper imported goods from Asia destroyed the domestic economy of developed countries.
3. Making the dollar a global currency.
4. Generating a gigantic public debt in the United States and all over the world.

This is the "new world order." But still do they have any idea what they are doing?
Are they insane people, obsessed with the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? The "Protocols" were probably fake. But as you can see, it is exactly the scenario contained in them that is carried out in globalist policies.

The film "Die Hard " was only the product of a writer's imagination. But it stirred the imagination of those who destroyed the WTC, killing many people and robbing a huge fortune gathered there.

When I saw the effects of earthquakes in Japan I said to myself that man had not yet possess the power to trigger an earthquake of similar strength. Otherwise I would have to conclude that Japan was a premeditated attack to destroy its economy.
Japan's economy - with its own currency resistant to the action of speculators - is a serious obstacle to the plans of the globalists.

After all they have stolen, they still want more. People need to wake up and stop globalization! I very much look forward to the cooperation of those Jews who have the courage to think for themselves and do not give in to the terror of Zionists and bankers.
1 lipiec 2011

Artur Łoboda 





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