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„Mini-Moscow” and „Maxi-Copenhagen” symptoms of THOUSAND YEARS WAR of ‘Global Khazrstan’ against Gentiles

„Mini-Moscow” and „Maxi-Copenhagen” symptoms of THOUSAND YEARS WAR of ‘Global Khazrstan’ against Gentiles (‘other nationals’)

My "friend in arms" IAS has invited me to participate in a conference “Let’s the Earth Live” in Moscow on Dec. 4th. At the place it turned out that in this medium-size meeting, organized by movement, were participating principally Russian-speaking scholars, fearing the “killing of nations” effects of present day globalization. But not only them. One of young participants in this interesting meeting, Žarko Tomanovic from Montenegro, spoke about “Khazar billionaires” – in particular Peter Mank , Oleg Dieripaska , George Soros and Natan Rothschild – colonizing at present his attractive for rich tourists Mediterranean small country. The term “New Khazaria” was not new for me, for already five years ago I’ve read a booklet “Kogda Jewrei mashirujut” (‘When Jews are marching in’), which I got in Kiev from Eduard Hodos , the head of the reformed Jewish community in Kharkov, claiming that today’s liberal Russia is the “Third Khazarstan”, an Empire ruled by Ashkenazi Jews, supposedly heirs of medieval, using Hebrew alphabet, semi-nomadic merchants established at lower Volga river. Taking into account that the most judaised – and at the same time most “liberal” – countries of the West are traditionally England and USA, I propose to enlarge the Hodos/Tomanovic witty notion of „New Khazarstan” onto these two “Atlantic” Anglosaxon Empires too. Their ultra-potent, financial elites, usually from Ashkenazi origin (like Rothschilds), since already several centuries are striving to rebuild, at the scale of whole Globe, the old Khazar’s Kingdom, defeated more than thousand years ago, in 965-967, by Kiev’s Slavic, not yet very Christian, prince Svyatoslav (lit. “Glory to the World”).

Our mini-meeting in Moscow was held in a shadow of the oncoming, planned for the whole week, MAXI-MEETING in Copenhagen and one speech at our conference referred to the global warming problem, supposed to be worked out during Copenhagen’s “Vanity Fair”. Namely, the Russian orthodox church member, Israel Adam Shamir pointed out that the best and simplest way to cool-off the global atmosphere, is a kind of a return to status quo ante, it means to the situation of a practical lack of advertisements, which are forcing naďve people to buy still more energy consuming – and CO2 exhausting – gadgets. Such proposition means the return to the situation we had in my apparently “poor” Poland until the end of its socialist history in 1989. Judging from signals we are receiving from Copenhagen, this trivial method of cooling down consumers insatiable voracity, and at the same time saving the Earth from the terror of its never ending “gadgeteerisation”, was not at all discussed there. Such irrational behavior of world’s officials is to be expected, for example in Poland today it is formally prohibited to praise any achievement of the socialist past. Not only we have a novelized the last autumn “Freedom of Expression Act”, prohibiting all expressions of sympathy to totalitarian, both communist and fascist regimes, but yesterday Dec. 14, I heard at the radio that the Polish government plans to impose the strict control of the content of the private electronic mail – this supposedly in order to fight against forbidden internet hazardous games. For the public expressions of sympathy to “gone for ever” times of socialist Spartan life style is forbidden too, so in the oncoming year, a general e-letter similar to this one, may become, in my country, the object of a judiciary persecution of its sender.

From important news arriving from Copenhagen we learned only that super-rich, in large extend New Khazars (ie. Ashkenazi) directed countries, which are responsible roughly for two thirds of world’s machines made CO2 synthesis, agreed generously to pay about 7 billion dollars to the group of poor countries, this in order to diminish their CO2 production in “classical”, mostly coal and hydrocarbons fed, furnaces. At the occasion of this bizarre meeting in Copenhagen, Polish internationally known radiologist and member of Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, with whom I had an interesting discussion six weeks ago, have published (despite his anti-religious stand) in a Catholic journal “Nasz Dziennik” of Dec. 5th, a lengthy article titled “A Lie Directed Against Our Civilization”. Jaworowski has a half century-long experience in measurements of not only radioactive fallout resulting from atomic blasts, but also of concentrations of heavy metals, and of the composition of the archaic air trapped in samples of ice taken from old glaciers of Spitzbergen Islands. According to his, and his colleagues measurements, the recent rise of about 30 percent of CO2 in atmosphere, has nothing to do with the global warming, long-term periodical warm-ups of the earth surface, alternated with periods of large-scale glaciations, are depending principally from solar and volcanic activity, half a billion years ago the atmosphere contained 28 times more carbon dioxide than today! Jaworowski writes: “Paragraphs 36 and 38 of the treaty proposed at Copenhagen, are speaking about THE NECESSITY OF ESTABLISHMENT OF A NON-ELECTED WORLD GOVERNMENT, which is supposed to control all activity on the earth, evaluated from the point of view of emission of CO2. It is an attempt to size the whole power over the globe and to transfer unbelievable sums of money from all world taxpayers to the organized at present World Center of Finances, and to this part of industry, which has dressed itself into green feathers. …The 181 pages long project of protocol proposes cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases up to 95 percent in comparison with 1990, it would thus be the greatest revolution in history, for 86 percent of energy produced in the world comes from fossil sources… Such drastic limitations would destroy our civilization, as proposes it guru of ecologists Maurice Strong and other representatives of Western establishment … In this manner it would be created an artificial enemy of mankind in order to assure the world-wide rule of a tiny group fighting with this enemy, as proposed it the Club of Rome already decades ago.” (By the way, the creation of an artificial handicap, and subsequently the development of a parasitic priesthood fighting this dummy ‘evil’, is a very old, “Judeo-Christian” trick. It is sufficient to recall the biblical myth of “original sin”, and methods of “salvation” from it, which only the J-Ch. priesthood is supposed to furnish – see, in attachment, comments of K. Freeland and T. Mysiewicz to enlarged ending of my ‘doklad’ for the Moscow’s conference.)

The announced at Copenhagen huge sum of seven billion dollars, destined for the “help in modernization” of moderately consuming energy, “poor” countries, would surely end up, in grand extend, in private pockets of elites, which are ruling the targeted by Big Business nations. This explains the unusual length of Copenhagen’s Vanity – or rather Imbecility – Fair, during which secret agents (“pimps of capital”) of World’s Khazar Invisible Government were surely searching for ‘other nationals’, eager to play the role of prostitutes selling treasures of their nations to a pack of self-chosen “investors in modernity”. It is exactly what has happen in last few years in Republic of Montenegro, as informed us Žarko Tomanovic (see the attached report of “Christian Science Monitor”). During our mini-conference in Moscow several speakers, and in particular the general Leonid Ivashov, at present the President of Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems (AGP), have warned us that “the West” has not abandoned its genocidal, marked by incessant deceptions (“by a deceit we make the war”), plans of total colonization of “the Rest” of the Planet. Ivashov stressed that one can only lure himself believing that USA would ease their grip over foreign countries having access to most advanced technologies, and/or to fossil sources of energy. As the origin of the “modernizing the Soviet Union” Gorbatchev’s experiment with pierestroika is considered, one of vice-presidents of the above-mentioned AGP has informed me that already in 1957, during the World Festival of Youth in Moscow, young Nikolai Gorbatchev was “contracted” for his future assignment of the “terminator” of the Soviet Empire.

In the above mentioned article Zbigniew Jaworowski argues that Copenhagen Summit is an element of long term plan of Maurice Strong (“a longtime Foundation Director of the World Economic Forum, a Senior Advisor to the President of the World Bank, a Member of the International Advisory of Toyota Motor Corporation”, etc. – see the Wikipedia), to diminish the World’s gentile population, considered by “Khazar’s” (ie. Ahskenazi) elite to be, literally, the “cancer of the Earth”. And indeed, in several USA controlled East European countries this World Bank’s version of famous NEP (“New Economic Politics”) was implemented with a success, during our conference Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the overtly anti-American Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) has informed us that the population of her huge and rich in natural resources country, in last two decades, especially during the rule of Freedom House (of Robers) installed “orangists” there, has shrunken from 50 millions to only 39 millions of dwellers!

The hardly concealed goal of Khazar’s World Government consists of organizing of all possible hardships for the poorer “cancer-like” majority of the planet, and Jürgen Elsässer from Germany, an author of an intersting book about hidden from general public details of « Khazar’s Ten Years War » against not existing at present Yugoslavia, has told us that the system of public underground transportation, the S-Bahn in Berlin is actually in such sorry state that several lines had to be closed, on others trains run sensibly slower, like just after the WW2, when 70 percent of S-Bahn was destroyed. This new for Germans phenomenon is the sign of similar « improvements » planned worldwide, as informed us another vice-president of Russian Academy of Geopolitical Affairs, Konstantin Sokolov, the next wave of « war by deception », of world’s microscopic elite against remants of humanity collectivist past, is oncoming. I have to stress that in particular Russia needs an implementation of these new “NEP” plans: as we found it after conference with Elsässer, the inherited from the Soviet past Moscow metro still runs impressively fast and its stations, ornated with frescos gloryfying socialism’s achievements, become freshly renovated. Due to this inadmissible for World Bank situation, common Moscowites move, within limits of this megapolis counting 15 millions of inhabitants, more freely and in more healthy manner than the hundred thousand of local millionaires, by neccessity self-imprisoned in their looking like armored vehicles, obligatorily coverd with dirt automobiles on huge, at present incredibly overcrowded, Moscow arteries.

Another speaker at our anti-globalist meeting, a representative of Russian still existing comparty, S. A. Stroyev ventured about the possibility of renaissance of the idea of class strugle in the contemporary world, but with the « mammonization » of the workers class his idea seems to be a little outdated. More interesting for us were words of of the first vice-president of AGP, Konstantin Sivkov, convinced that the present creeping « globalization » must lead to a more overt clash between Globalists (“Global Ashkenazi Khazarstan”, as I propose to call this cancer-like Super Body), and “other nationals”, on their way of extinction. During my speech, delivered partly in English partly in Russian, I warned listeners, several of them believing that the salvation they will find in orthodox religion, that in Poland the catholic Church – and in particular our defunct Pope – were principal agents of globalization. And that the similar situation may repeat itself in Russia, too. I informed the audience that during the panslavic meeting in still run by Milosevic’s socialists Belgrade in 2000, the defunct at present ex-dissident from Soviet Union, Alexander Zinoviev has told us, that it is an error of rulers of post-Soviet Russia to re-invest into religion, for the half of Russian clergy are Judaists. They thus must be eager to participate in the fulfillment of directed against ‘other nations’, biblical prophecy “there will be one (global) folk, and one (global) shepherd”, realizing secret orders of Lord of the Universe in Hebrew known as Adon Olam.

22 grudzień 2009

Marek Głogoczowski 





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