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The message to the nations of Western Europe (2004)

The message to the nations of Western Europe

Ladies and Gentlemen

In 1981, in the days of communism - was the Congress of the Polish trade union Solidarity, which won the Polish society on the suicidal step: issued "Call the Nations of Eastern Europe" - calls for action to pave the way to liberate Europe from the inhuman communist pet .

The effect of this call was the introduction of martial law in Poland. Made at the behest of the Kremlin.

Today, 23 years after, Europe and the world stand before the next - even greater threats.

The people of Poland, which paved the way for the collapse of communism, has been - by their leaders betrayed and deprived of the basic elements of existence.

After the year 1989 - hopefully the countries of Western Europe - Poles, uncritically open to political and economic currents - flowing from western Europe, particularly from Brussels.

Instead of a new technology co-operation, Brussels has brought corruption and bribery Poland on an unprecedented never before - scale.

To Poland sent to Advisor to the European Union, carrying out the alleged "assistance programs", dealt with the embezzlement of all of your money.
As the European Union's money comes in your - Dear taxes.

EU  began plundering the assets of Polish National, which was also attended by Western corporations.

Today Poland is bankrupt.

We owe it to a large extent, the European Union, which is taking to help the worst - scum political, deriving from the Polish comunist post-terror apparatus.
Jointly destroyed the Polish economy.

Polish steelworks, Polish factories ceased to exist. This comes under the so-called "alignment to UE".

Theoretically - for the past 10 years Poland fluent stream of money, most of malwersed still in Brussels.
Top 15 per cent of the money reached the intended recipients.
The rest is done by the Brussels grab the camera department.

When 10 years ago have reached the English first color imprint - from the German newspaper groups - felt that a man can not be so stupid to read it to take in such rags  ideas.
After ten years, with the whole weight of the media made idiots of Poles, which easily
deprive the property

You - dear you are subject to the social manipulation of the machine even more.
This machine is like the worst practices Orwell

Substantially reminds one of the biggest nightmares of humanity - communism.
In addition to terror, he showed in the permanent control of society.

By the end of the Soviet Union told Russian society that long ago in the Soviet Union would be well-being if the Russians did not have to keep countries such as Poland.
The truth was quite different.
Poland was to be used by the Soviet economic reinforcing machine .

Please discuss: whether your politicians do not like fraud, you say that keeping such countries as Poland.
Think: how many of last year prices have increased and how big you are now in unemployment.
It is not our merit and the merit of your politicians who are pursuing crazy ideas, that had outstanding in the minds of criminals such as Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler leads the European continent to the tragedy.

This is not an accident that members of the Polish politicians have become your people, who once worked very intensively for slavery Polish by the Moscow

Today: accession to the European Union, most call on the sons of Stalinist thugs ..
We'd love to - living with you in friendship - and to cooperate each other to grow.
Politicians have prepared you and us completely different future.
Instead of preparing for voluntary community Nations totalitarian state technocrats.

To use this economic weapon.

However, there is a danger that along the lines of stupid G. Bush ever use force against you.

Such applications arise in the knowledge of the military maneuvers of NATO, which recently specialized in the dispersal of social expression.
The Polish reaches a lot of signals that the EU has a transnational association masonic, who planned the barbaric actions against the countries of Europe.

Why so far do not know about it?
because "the darkest is under lantern."
If the crazy plans and our politicians to reach the effect of Europe will become the seeds of war - similar to the Middle East.

The economy of Western Europe would collapse
The peoples of Eastern Europe specialized in the terrorist attacks - which are the language of enslaved society

Therefore, we recognize that the accession to the European Union - under the conditions created by politicians is dangerous both for the Polish, as well as for the whole of Europe.
It is unconditionally suspended - unsafe for all of us the political process, until such time when the public will do their political agendas.
Then return to the discussion of the form of European cooperation.

Do not turn the head of the key issues

What happened to us today, tomorrow will be your participation.

For Kongres Polski Suwerennej Artur Loboda

29 kwiecień 2009

Artur Łoboda 





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