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GLOBALISM AS BANKS-IMPOSED GENERALIZED PROSTITUTION 'Doklad' for Moscow's conference "Zivie Zimlju!" 4.12.2009

Inanimate 'Deutero' ("Staying behind") Animator of Western Global Empire

No doubt that the symbolic destruction of Berliner Wall on November 7th (9-11 according to notation of date we use in Central Europe), twenty years ago, was a monumental victory of forces hidden behind glassy walls of the Global Banking System. It was the victory of super-rich bourgeoisie, thriving in Ivory Towers of their luxurious apartments, places where bourgeois ‘stay apart’ from others. This was not the victory for common people historically known as gens (hence “gentiles”), dwelling on both sides of this famous “borderline” between West and East. As factories, as well as agricultural communities, in “won to freedom” post-Soviet space began to crumble after this historic event of 9-11-89, edifices of banks soon appeared as principal landmarks of our urban centers, frequently accompanied by buildings of brand new – or reconstructed after the “night of communism” – churches.

The very idea that profane, by a definition, banks are somehow linked with churches, which are supposed to enrich the spiritual life of citizenry, seems to be an absurdity. Nevertheless once we read carefully so-called “canonic” books of Christianity, this idea makes sense. Although the Moses’ Pentateuch generally condemns usury, and demands the suppression of accumulated debts each seven years, its last book called Deuteronium – hence the book of “deutero-Moses” – makes a small, only few words long, exception to this general rule: “TO A FOREIGNER YOU MAY LENT UPON INTERESTS … that the Lord your God may bless you in all you undertake in the land which you are entering to take possession of it” (V Mo, 23,21).

For nearly two thousands of years, which followed the completion of the Old Testament in 5th century BC, due to the general illiteracy of ‘gentiles’, the “Deutero-Mosaic” recipe for world conquest was hidden from the sight of ordinary citizens. During these not-so-remote times the practice of usury, as the means of subsistence and of personal enrichment, was limited practically to the sect of Jews “dwelling apart” in ghetto-like suburbs of Medieval towns. The invention of the printing press roughly 500 years ago, combined with the growth of cities and the translation of Bible into national languages, made odious mosaic “recipes for success” attractive to ambitious and greedy bourgeois. Protestant leaders accepted the “limited usury” as a decent activity of rich Christian citizenry. Thanks to this “hebraization” of religion – the word “Hebrew” is etymologically derived from “habiri”, which in Antiquity meant ‘bandits’ – banks, in particular the Bank of England founded in 1694, become centers of World Pecuniary Conquest. At present banks participate practically in all our bread earning – and money spending – activities. Paraphrasing the well known invocation from Gospel of John, we may say, without exaggeration that with the advent of “bankers’ democracies” “the Word (of deutero-Moses) become flesh and it is dwelling among us”. And the march of banks’ sponsored “knights of Mammon”, frequently under the protection of the Holy Cross of Crusaders, has not yet ended. The recent “color revolutions”, with their banners resembling colors of advanced stages of malignant cancers, inform us that the “God’s word” (Logos) of Deuteronomy is revealing its ever more aggressive, mind killing forms.

What is the general direction, into which are pushing us contemporary mega-centers of finances, located principally in City of London and at Wall Street in New York? Here I would like to anamnese, to recall the old prejudice of “pagan” philosopher Aristotle against men practicing usury. In his “Politics” he wrote “Men called bankers we shall hate, for they enrich themselves while doing nothing”. The earth-bound Aristotle, contrary to idealist Plato, was despised by early Fathers of the Church, but his notion of corruption linked with activity of a banker was well understood by writer (or writers) of Moslem Qu’ran. This Medieval book demands the total banishment of usury. Thanks to these “damned Moslems”, Aristotle’s ‘biological’ understanding of man’s doings survived through European Dark Ages, and was re-discovered in 13th century by Western Church – only to be abandoned as “alien, pagan influence”, by Judaising Protestants three centuries later.

Why Aristotle hated bankers? For a Hellene the virtue had to be continually practiced, be it only during everyday physical exercises. To remain immobile, as used to do it men of commerce sitting on their proverbial benches, was/is necessarily corrupting their spirit (literally ‘the breath’, ‘pneuma’ in Greek), thus making these “poor in spirit” investors crippled, both physically and intellectually. The manner of life of upper classes always radiate downwards, and if atop of a society we get the Shylock (from Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”) type crooks, the whole social body will soon become both physically and mentally corrupt. In contemporary USA already three out of four young men are judged, by medical staff of US Army, as unfit to perform rude tasks linked with life of an ordinary soldier. Which fact should be a warning what will happen with our youth, in case it will imitate too zealously their equals in “beacon of nations”.

Every sedentary (in)activity, especially these which are performed in isolated from the outside world cabinets and cabins (be it cabins of motorcars), diminishes human sensory stimulations and thus automatically narrows man’s endogenous, built on sensory inputs, comprehension of the world. Moreover, the necessarily limited to self-enrichment egoism of business minded people inhibits a sincere exchange of views with others, for men of commerce usually consider their clientele as a “game” to prey upon. Due to this “zoological” realm, World Centers of Finances, and linked with them Stock Exchanges, are “naturally” becoming Planetary Centers of Disinformation about virtually everything.

This last statement is a triviality very well known to our ancestors. Money, which since its very invention 3 thousand years ago become the Inanimate Animator of behavior of greed infested people, corrupts the vision of worshipping this “deity” people so much that they perceive “black as white, ugliness as beauty, the old age as youth, and a coward as a knight” – to recall the poem of Shakespeare from “Timon of Athens”. This remarkable poem was quoted by Karl Marx in his short essay “Das Geld” (Money) published already in 1844. Marx wrote there “Universality of properties of money is the essence of its omnipotence. Money plays the role of a pimp (suteneur) between the necessity and its object, between the life and means of man’s existence.” This corrupting power of money was – and still is – felt particularly strong in “Land of the Free, the home of the Brave”, as advertizes itsef USA, and already in 1880ies the preeminent New York journalist, John Swinton declared, during the party organized by owners and chefs of principal New York journals, the following:

„There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. (…) There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. (…) If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread (…) We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

As recalled it in 2007 Polish politologist Zbigniew Jankowski in a longer internet text titled “AMERICANISM – THE IDEOLOGY OF INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTION” , American “barons” of finances (D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, P. Warburg, B. Baruch et al.) in 1915 joined their resources in order to buy, in secrecy, all important journals published in United States. Since this moment, which two years earlier was preceded by a creation, by the same secret “Trust” of moguls of finances, of a private System of Federal (Financial) Reserves, the road towards “globalization” was set up.

Where is leading us this “All-American” – for behavioral tendencies of elites are eagerly imitated by masses – Globalization Project? Zbigniew Jankowski, the author of association of “Americanism” with “intellectual prostitution”, observes: “The goal of mass-media is to promote the conviction that the modern industrial culture is not the product of whatever ideology, and that views of these fellows, which are its supporters are objective, natural and healthy. … This picture is created for us by priests of public relations of the contemporary industrial culture. Its most spectacular product – apart of piles of rubbish and the degraded biological environment – is the passive, submissive and devoid of understanding of the world homo corporatus, a biological creature serving to the consumption of products of industry, and to the mindless absorption of its waste. All this in an atmosphere of inoculated in him hope to achieve happiness, with which mythical illusions modern mass media are sprouting, like never exhausted geysers.”

The controlled by the Trust of Bankers, “spirit of media”, aiming at the general disinformation, is felt also in supposedly independent from pecuniary preoccupations fields of scientific research. Already three decades ago an English sociologist – and alpinist – Michael Thompson acidly remarked, in his “anti-system” book titled “Rubbish Theory”, which he somehow managed to publish in 1979 by Oxford University Press, that in Life Sciences we witness “a systematic channeling of enquiry in order to impel knowledge ever further from the truth.” Thompson referred in this remark to widely publicized at that time “discovery” of Nobel Prize Winner Jacques Monod that “Chance is at the origin of every novelty in biosphere”. The devoid of any reasonable proof, belief of numerous internationally known scientists, into validity of this “scientific assertion”, has become so powerful, that the close collaborator of J. Monod, later on the laureate of literary Prix Goncourt and holder of the Legion d’honneur distinction, neurologist J.-P. Changeux has made of these genetic chance events “the cornerstone” of his theory of learning by… inactivity. Inspired by Darwinian concept of “origin of species, by (inert by nature) species elimination, by action of Natural Selection” Changeux assured his readers, in a rapidly translated into English book “L’homme neuronal” published in 1983, that “Apprendre c’est éliminer” – to learn is to eliminate – eliminate not only supplementary interneuronal connections, but also whole neurons, with which brains of young mammals are densely saturated during early stages of their post natal growth.

The logical conclusion, which one can derive from this “(neo)Darwinian Theory of Learning”, suggests that “the most educated scientists shall have only one neuron in their heads”. It is not an absurdity. Such frivolous association became indirectly confirmed by an opinion of another illustrious scholar, American linguist Noam Chomsky, who in 1970ies was “tutored” in the domain of genetics both by J. Monod and J.-P. Changeux. Limited by the ‘mindset’ he has “acquired” from them, in 1988 Chomsky declared that…„We have essential, overwhelming evidence that substantial aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as the part of our biological endowment, and that they are not acquired by process of learning, and in particular not by a training” . Such bizarre opinion informs us that during his conscious life as an adolescent, the future famous linguist either has not tried to learn any other than English language, either that he has amnesia concerning hours he spent while exercising his proficiency of foreign languages – which languages of “other nationals” (‘gentiles’) usually are disobeying, supposedly hereditarily coded, stiff rules of discovered by Noam Chomsky, “universal (English) grammar”.

The demonstrated above, mente captus-type lack of understanding how novel mental associations, novel lingustical, manual and even immunological skills are constructed, is a real social catastrophe in all countries in which aggressive commercial regimes (“bankers’ democracies”) become established. And this catastrophe of non adequatio rei et intellectus – it means inadequacy of objects and their mental representations – which is the Aristotelian definition of falsity, we can trace back to Mind killing “cultural viruses” hidden in Dead Verses (logos) of Old Testament. At the end of this short doklad (contribution), prepared for the conference “Živi, Zemlju! (Let’s the Earth Live!)” , I would like to demonstrate how these “acquired”, by the intermission of CIA controlled science (CIA is understood of course as Central Imbecylizing Agency), fake, (neo)Darwinism inspired concepts of “learning by inactivity” are leading not only towards the Earth competitive devastation. The Lamarckian atrophy of not trained interneuronal connections logically must lead to the loss of vision of all more noble purposes of human existence.

In order to put more light onto this ‘politically incorrect’ topic, I would like to recall a very interesting contribution, made by the director of European Institute of International Affairs in Luxembourg, dr Armand Cleese, during the conference “Dialogue of civilizations” held at Rhodes in 2003. While speaking about “America’s search of a new world order” Cleese stressed that “United States wants a world without enemies, without threats, without risks. Therefore it is bent upon eliminating all enemies, all threats, all risks. It wants to crush any opposition . It wants a world looking up to the United States, adulating the American model, adhering to its principles and values, obeying its rules. It wants a totally Americanized world, without any diversity, without any dissidence.(…) The quest of the Americans for absolute, total security may lead, may even be bound to lead to absolute, total insecurity”.

At the same World Public Forum at Rhodes in 2003 I had a short speech in which I indicated that the present project of “globalization” has already been outlined in prophecies of Old Testament. This sacred book of Jews and Christians preconizes not only the total eradication of “not serving Lord” humans, and of other wild animals, but also the construction of “straight (four lanes large?) roads of the Lord”. It preconizes even the flattening of difficult to climb hills and filling up of valleys! Other significant verses of OT, like the one “you shall be called the priests of the LORD …you shall eat the wealth of nations, and in their riches you shall glory”, which verses were probably written by so-called “deutero-Isaiah” (61, 6), are overt instructions how to behave in order to become a successful priest of the “Lord of hosts”. Hosts of prostitutes of course, as argue Swinton and Jankowski in the case of priestshood of public relations of contemporary Global American Empire. Such “New World’s” – called also “New Israel’s” – project of total exploitation, sterilization, decerebralization and even flattening of the Globe is surely the worst danger which our Planet has encountered during its geologically recorded history.

The problem resides in increasingly “flat” brain encephalographs of hyper-rich, principally Judeo-Protestant-American elites, overtly dreaming of such, preconized in Bible, “Second – i.e. ‘Deutero’ – Earth Creation”. These men are used to reason in a very simplist manner, not taking into account differentia specifica between living and not living objects: a car or a bike used on bumped curvy road becomes sooner broken down, than in case it is used on a smooth and straight one. So by making straight and smooth roads – and by “domesticating” the environment in such a way that human existence becomes devoid of necessity to perform any significant physical effort – people are expected to live longer and happier. Simple, isn’t it? This “positivistic” manner of reasoning we can trace back to “Novum organum” of Francis Bacon completed in 16th century. And of course in schools children shall be exempt of any stressing them tasks, for only in this manner the intelligence hidden in their genes can flourish. This is the argument of Noam Chomsky, who is truly believing in Carthesian paradigm, claiming that humans are inanimate machines, distinguishing themselves from other zoon, by their faculty of speech.

But the realm which see gens (‘gentiles’) belonging to homo sapiens subspecies is completely different from the one loudly propagandized by mentioned above “chosen – by media – people” (Monod, Changeux, Chomsky, Bacon, Descartes, and of course Richard Dawkins, the proud apostle of “The God (of Scientific) Delusion”, as confirms it his last voluminous book from 2008). According to precise observations made by Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget, without appropriate physical and sensorial exercises, it is not possible to achieve more mature levels of world understanding. The unpleasant by a definition “perturbations” are necessary to wake up intelligence in adolescents, as well as in adults. Grown since childhood with Darwino-Cartesian ‘blinders’ – compared by R. Dawkins, to limiting the sight Afghani women’s “burkas”– so-called “developed” people are accustomed to protect themselves from all agents, which may damage their cherished DNA. Even the ordinary ultra violet of Sun is considered at present to be carcinogenic. But scrupulous radiologists have confirmed a completely inverse effect of small – and even medium intensity – irradiations, which necessarily perturb “the wellbeing” of cellular DNA structures. A year after the catastrophe in Chernobyl, in sprayed with dust of radioactive cesium Hungary, the number of children born with genetically coded disease called Down Syndrome diminished by 20 % in comparison to previous years; experiments with slipperworts, grown in aquariums isolated by thick lead walls from cosmic and telluric radiation, demonstrated that these mini-slipper-like organisms, kept in a total isolation from damaging their DNA high energy rays, were losing their vitality, sensibly diminishing their reproduction .

Why such “miracles” happen? Contrary to popular scientific beliefs that “(animate) animals are (inanimate) machines”, which beliefs are dating from times of Descartes’ “cogito ergo sum” (it is a variation of “I am, who I am”) self-discovery, LIVING BEINGS ARE SELF-REGENERATING OBJECTS. It means that their long persistence in comfort, not necessitating exercise of their auto-repair faculties, leads to these capacities atrophy, and thus automatically it leads to the loss of their vitality. Putting together vivid descriptions made by Dawkins, Marx, Cleese, Jankowski and Swinton, we may say that we have to tear off “scientific burkas”, it means blinders imposed by Lord Suteneur Of All Prostitutes, onto minds of adulating the American model passive, submissive and devoid of understanding of the world humanoids (expression of Alexander Zinoviev), which become the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. These rich men behind scenes have formed, already at the beginning of 20 century, a semi-secret “Trust DE” (it is the title of unpublished in USSR, book of Illya Erenburg from 1925; DE means “Destruction of Earth”, in particular of Europe). This TRUST is acting at the image of biblical Lord of Hosts, which by intermission of army of CIA directed whores, is obscuring nefarious long term effects of constant wellbeing, characterising the life of so-called “chosen – by media – people”. These “G-d blessed people” remain ever more tightly isolated inside concrete and glass walls of their “ivory towers”, enjoying the state of proverbial English “splendid isolation”. As a long term result of their isolation they are becoming, like inbred Jews in their historical ghettos, autistic, totally self-centered and prone to all perversions.

Aristotle observed, at the beginning of his “Metaphysics”, that all men desire, by Nature, to know. This optimistic statement wasn’t true in case of narrowminded and greedy Fathers of the Western Church, and it is not true in case of dominant at present scientific establishment. Their arrogant ignorance of self-repair (and self-improvement) faculties of zoon (the living), is the logical outcome of their fervid cult of Mammon, be it Mammon dressed in cloths of Mosaic “Lord of hosts”. As elegantly observed it Karl Marx, it is horrible that something dead, which is the product of not necessarily transparent intentions of crab (Krebst)-like Hebrew scribes, hidden in a remote past, has so much influence onto our existence. Without abandonment of “the Law”, called Torah, which “Law of Hebrews” (i.e. ‘bandits’) is contradicting the universal ethical principle labeled “categorical imperative” by Immanuel Kant, we will not be able to revitalize the Earth. That’s for sure. And if someone ignores what Kant’s moral imperative demands, I repeat “you may do whatever you are disposed to, on the condition that you will accept that others will do the same thing”.

Such imperative puts into question the ethics of not only mosaic “God”, but also of the official Christian Lord. This NT “Lord of hosts”, acting in all evidence like described in OT barbarous Kings, called in Hebrew ‘Molochs’ , in order to assure the success of planned by him global dominion, did not hesitated to arrange a Calvary for his own, supposedly beloved, Son. Needless to add that “damned Moslems” do not believe into this ugly, invented by “deutero – it means supplementary – apostle” known as St. Paul, bluff of “sins redemption by Christ crucification”. Decent people do not need a redeemer (in Russian Spasatiel) of their not existing crimes and of artificial sins. Only liars, murders and robbers were – and are – satisfied with paulinist philocriminal theology of redemption, which allegedly was fabricated in secrecy by the sect – or even a TRUST – of “7000 Aaronites” (see Romans, 11, 4). A ”theology”, which is automatically “justifying” all monstrosities committed by consecutive, usually acting in a shadow of a Holy Cross, Western Empires.
22 grudzień 2009

Marek Głogoczowski 





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