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25 lipiec 2017      Artur Łoboda


Private Central Bank of the United States?

The Fedreal Reserve System is a private bank operating for profit and at the same time acting as a Central Bank of the United States independent of the federal government and of the president of the United States. It is printing American currency and controlling the monetarny policy of the country since 1913 and therefore today it is in control of the business cycle of inflation and depression, despite earlier warnings and clear statement in the Constitution of the United States that the federal government has, the exclusive right to issue US currency.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Contrary to Jefferson’s warning the Federal Reseve System continues to act as the central bank of United States. It was organized by Paul Warburg. It should be noticed that his brother Max Warburg, who resided in Germany was the president of the Rothschild Bank in Frankfurt on Main and controlled German banking during World War One.

Paul Warburg, was the main architect of the Federal Reserve System in U.S., an institution which played key role in financing American war effort during World War One, while Paul Warburg was its director. Federal Reserve System serves as the central bank in control of the monetary policy of U.S. and it has been from the beginning controlled by Jews, and operated free of any veto by the president of the United States. Federal Reserve System is no more “Federal” than is the “Federal Express,” private delivery enterprise.

Gary Allen writes that the Federal Reserve System is a tool used by mostly Jewish conspiracy, thanks to which, international bankers are able to increase, without any limits, state debts and derive from these debts colossal profits, using compounded interest and thereby have control over governments unable to pay their debts.

During the Wilson administration U.S. debt increased by 800% and it was increasing fast during Bush’s “war on terror,” especially because now the government of the United States, free of the gold standard, has monopoly to legally printing treasury bonds and Federal Reserve System can print dollar notes in any amount necessary to prevent bankruptcy and maintain dollars as the reserve currency in central banks and in trade on the world market of such commodities as crude oil, for example. The dollar printing monopoly makes dollars the safest currency in the world despite the huge deficits in foreign trade, for which deficit U.S. pays mainly with treasury bonds with guaranteed face value.

Two month before the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the conspiring bankers created the instrument for payment of the astronomical state debts, in form of the federal income tax, proportional to personal income, just as Karl Marks had demanded earlier, in his Communist Manifesto.

The bankers had reserved for themselves tax exemptions to minimize their tax burden and freely invest in revolutionary movements and war strategies, which serve the purpose of centralization of power in the name of homeland security etc. which today favors Jewish neoconservatives and gives them a chance to control the government by means of military-industrial-Zionist complex and to collect their profits and compound interests.

Allen believes that during World War One, Bernard Baruch had full control over the US economy, as the head of the “War Industries Board.” This board, had been planned twenty years earlier, by banker-conspirators. Baruch then obtained for himself over $200 million, in today’s dollars worth billions.

Paul Warburg had to resign from the Federal Reserve System, when it became known in America that his brother Max Warburg, was in charge of German state finances. The third of Warburg brothers, Felix, was a son-in-law of Jacob Schiff, who was the main partner of the New York firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. in which firm the three Warburg brothers were also partners. Max Warburg was, as I mentioned, also in charge of Rothschild bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Jacob Schiff successfully financed Leon Trotsky, with some $20 million and according to the book by a Russian general Arsene de Goulevich, “Tsardom and the Revolution,” received from Lenin’s government $100 million in gold during 1918-1922, paid directly to the firm Kuhn, Loeb & Co. in New York.

Bolshevik Revolution was financed also by Max Warburg and Olaf Aschberg using money from “Nye Banken” in Stockholm, Sweden. Schiff spent millions for the overthrow of the tsarist government first, then of the Kerensky government, and at the same time he spent ten million dollars for help for Jewish population in Russia.

Gary Allen believes that the same bankers dominated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and prepared the next world war by financing Hitler’s regime, as a “reaction” to Bolshevism and as a trigger mechanism for the Second World War. It is known that at Versailles, in 1918, the French marshal Ferdinand Foche pointed to the free city of Gdańsk and correctly predicted that Gdańsk would be the pretext to start the WWII.

The career of Aleksander Helphand, the famous owner of the Wannsee palacial residence in Berlin, is described in the book by Z. A. B. Zeman and W. B. Scharlau: “The Merchant of Revolution – The Life of Alexander Israel Helphand (Parvus),” London, Oxford University Press, 1965.

In 1903 Helphand tutored Leon Trotsky on strategy of mass strikes and Marks’s original “revolution in permanence,” which later became Trotsky’s “permanent war for communism.” A century later, with the decline of communism, Jewish followers of Trotsky in New York, converted to radical Zionism and created the ideology of neo-conservatism, this time based on a “permanent war for democracy,” for building of a global empire and for benefit of the future hegemony of the state of Israel “from Niles in Egypt to Eufrates in Iraq.”

The roots and anatomy of the “three trillion dollar swindle” which caused the financial crisis of 2008, is well described by Frank Partnoy in his book “The Inside Story of a Wall Street Trader” (1997). Professor Partnoy holds degrees in mathematics and economics, as well as a law degree from Yale School of Law. Frank Partnoy is now an assistant professor of law at the University of San Diego, where he specializes in financial market regulation.

Frank Partnoy started as a “derivatives” salesman at First Boston, the investment bank in New York. “Derivatives” are a class of “financial instruments” known as the most profitable and the most dangerous products ever devised by the Wall Street “cabal,” where unsuspecting consumer is the prey.

Portnoy describes how Morgan Stanley earned the largest fee in history, 74.5 million dollars, devising a “derivative” on which a Japanese company lost millions, because it could not understand the risks of the unregulated market in derivatives (risk stated in fine print). Thus, Portnoy shows how the unregulated and private „Central Bank of the United States” allowed the present crisis to happen and why this crisis is known as the “three trillion dollar swindle,” for which the European governments do not want to pay.
28 marzec 2009

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski 





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