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Piosenka Lecha Makowieckiego 
Kto mordował w Katyniu 
Izraelska gazeta „Maariv” z 21 lipca 1971 r. wyjawia końcowy sekret katyńskiej masakry. 
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W przemówieniu Baracj Obama opisuje Chrześcijaństwo odwołaniami do Judaizmu. 
Tym - którzy interesują się losami Świata nie ma potrzeby przedstawiać Davida Icke. Tym ktorzy do tej pory spali umysłowo ta strona może otworzyć oczy.  
Na straży wolności: Goldman Sachs  
Gerald Celente i John Stossel rozmawiają z sędzią Napolitano o różnych, nie do końca jasnych powiązaniach, między amerykańskimi bankami i rządem USA. Największe podejrzenia budzi bank Goldman Sachs, który ma dziwną nadreprezentację we władzach rządowych. Dla przypomnienia, dodam, że pracownikiem tego banku jest były premier RP, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, a bank był zamieszany w spekulacje na złotówce. 
Strona Krzysztofa Wyszkowskiego 
Strona domowa Krzystofa Wyszkowskiego 
Ostatni mit (o polityce sowieckiej) 
"patriotyzm" po 1989 roku 
komentarz zbędny 
Ameryka: Od Wolności do faszyzmu 
Amerykanie zaczynają rozumieć - co się dzieje z ich krajem. O tym mówi film pod wskazanym linkiem. 
Kanciarze z Wall Street 
Film przedstawia kulisy Wall street . Metody działania , które doprowadziły w ciągu kilku ostatnich lat do wywołania kryzysu finansowego. 
Wielkie pytania o 9/11 
Strona poświęcona analizie wydarzeń z 11 września 2001 
Fantastyczny zespół - poruszający ważne problemy społeczne stworzył bardzo dosadną piosenkę, będącą miksem wywiadu telewizyjnego z śpiewem zespołu. 
Niemcy 1940 - Izrael 2009 - Szokujące zdjęcia 
Cała prawda o World Trade Center 
Filmik dokumentalny przedstawiający wydarzenia z 11 września 2001 roku. 
Charlie Sheen & Alex Jones on 9/11 
Znany aktor Hollywood aktor zebrał się na odwagę powiedzenia tego co myśli o 11 września 2001 roku 
Strzeżcie się Obamy 
Kto naprawdę stoi za Barakiem Obamą? 
Próba upodmiotowienia obywateli za pośrednictwem internetu 
Celem serwisu jest umożliwienie obywatelom wyrażenia swojej woli w najważniejszych dla nich sprawach. 
Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski 
Notka wikipedii dotycząca osoby prof. Iwo Cypriana Pogonowskiego 
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Self-Restraint Prolongs the War - by prof. Paul Eildelberg

Which people is controlled more today by the slaughtering spirit [or context] of the Jewish Maccabees - Are Americans, and their so-called nation or is it the Palestinians who are controlled more, or both?

Judaism is inherently Fascistic which is why Jews on the left in acting out their own upbringing in that tradition, always see a fascist under every rock. From 175 B.C. until 163 B.C. Hellenized Jews rebelling against the yoke of their own oppressive belief-system, and aided by the Hellenist King of Syria fought to free/change themselves. But the Jewish Maccabees put down the uprising and this final victory over Greek culture taking root, as opposed to the Judaic is cellebrated to this day as Hanukka.

With the Jewish Maccabee victory, it was the first time in actual history, Jews ever held complete control over the area known as Palestine. And the Maccabees ruled as Jews always do once they have control with an iron fist.

They slaughtered any recalcitrant Jews or even Jews who questioned in any way their decisions.

Thus there was constant civil strife in Palestine with Jewish rebellions cropping up sporadically and even the royal Maccabee brothers were at each other's throats over who would be the next king. Until finally after only 100 years of this misery, a full blown civil war was about to take place between two Maccabee brothers over the throne.

At this point in 63 B.C. Pompey and his Roman legion was invited in by one of the brothers to adjudicate which brother should rule, and as an ensuing peace-keeping force after the decision was reached.

Afterward, it was a never-ending headache for the Romans as the 100 years of Jewish Maccabee rule had only given rise to violent groups of Jews in rebellion against the crown. And now they focused their attentions instead on the Romans, as well as on Jews whose wealth they could plunder.

There are subsequently two Jewish 'identities' operative today in Palestine.

Are Americans even educated as to who their own Jewish rulers are...have they studied judaism and talmud or do they learn any Actual Jewish history at all? ( design. Qui bono?)

Well, after the initial introduction by Dr. M. G. you have the Jewish Maccabee perspective today (below), as well as the reformed perspective in Gilad Atzmon.

Why it should be of interest, even if one is yet programmed to 'hate' the starved Palestinians without running water or electricity under illegal embargo and constant seige and without hope of any kind for a future at all - Why it should matter to you then if you don't care about them, is that it is a mirror now of what your own situation will be in the U.S. Since this both externally (in Palestine) and internally (in the U.S.) is the Jewish Maccabee modus operandi. And it 'succeeds' equally (if that is 'success') in its own way in both the Middle East and in America. Good luck.

No I personally don't particularly like Islam nor Judaism and as for Chistianity it is clearly the most Hellenized, evolved and tolerant of the three traditions. But the worst of these (which you close your eyes to) is Judaism which is at war with Christianity and with Islam day and night 24/7 and in behalf of a particular blood group of people be they religious or secular.

That is their programming closer than conscious thought.

That is what a culture & i.e. religion does both to a for a people, when held by them from their childhood.

That Christians attempt to deal with this and these facts by closing their eyes just means they have their eyes closed in the dark.

When they open them if ever, they will only see how much they have to do to merely survive and endure what's befallen them. If that sounds a bit severe, I suspect it is not. The mainstream media brainwashing in everything including films etc. not withstanding. That is my current opinion. It is the writing on the wall so far as the *facts deliver it, it seems to me.

Of course I always in such cases hope to be wrong, but what about international law and mere decency where the indigenous Palestinian people are concerned. ?

What sort of monsters have we all in the West become? Maccabees?


Below are quoted two, Jewish and post-Jewish, voices concerning the present "neo-Maccabee" microcephalian Hebrews war against ("Hellenist"?) Palestinian occupation of Gaza strip of land, which is roughly of the size 40 x 10 km = 400 km2, it means of the size (and population) of today's Warsaw. (Warszawa already in 1939 counted 1,7 millions of inhabitants, but in January 1945, when Soviets "enslaved it" for the next 45 years, counted only 150 thousands of souls.)


Today is January 6th - according to Hellenistic mythology it is the date of the festivity of Dionisos, during which this sympathetic god was changing water into wine. According to graduate from "Sacro Cuore" Catholic University in Rome, professor Ludwik Kostro from Gdansk, early Christians commemorated Dionisos under the external shape of Jesus of Nazareth, who on January 6th, during the wedding in Kana of Galilee, has managed to transform water into wine, too.

So, despite the TV pictures of "neo-Maccabee" offensive in Gaza, today we have a relatively joyous anniversary, and surely these mythical "Trois Rois Mages", announcing the better future for our planet, took at present the external shape of despised by "our" media, democratically elected presidents Ahmenidjan, Chavez/Castro, and Lukashenko.

So, with K+M+B greetings 2009/1387(?),


Self-Restraint Prolongs the War.

by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

US Admiral Bull Halsey said, "Hit hard, hit fast, hit often." Rationality and responsibility are qualities quite foreign to those who shape Israel's policy toward its enemy, the Palestinian Authority. Their policy is "Hit softly, hit slowly, and hit seldom."

In Hebrew this policy is called havlaga - "self-restraint". This policy is motivated by fear of world opinion, perhaps also by the desire to display Israel's moral superiority vis-à-vis the cruelty of her Arab enemies. It is an utterly inane and immoral policy.

Havlaga prolongs the war. It therefore increases the number of Jewish as well as Arab casualties... Yet this has been the policy of Israeli prime ministers and their cohorts since the signing of the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993. How demoralizing, how revolting! And yet, not a single party in the Knesset protests against this cowardly and self-destructive policy. Even the religious parties, which proclaim the principle of pikuach nefesh - "saving life"...

The Jewish people are known (even by their enemies) for their kindness and mercy, which is why Arabs store weapons in hospitals and schools, and shield themselves behind women and children. In time of war, however, "do not show [your enemy] any pity" (Deuteronomy 7:17), on which verse the Ramban comments: "Through the mercy of fools all justice is lost."

Justice, justice is what Israel stands for: justice has ever been the sacred cause of the Jewish people. Today, however, inasmuch as Israeli governments display no confidence in the justice of Israel's cause, is it any wonder that the Jew-haters of this world now question whether Israel has a right to exist, indeed, call for Israel's eradication?

Happy and Joyful Hanukkah!

May the courage and spirit of the Maccabees always remain with us!

How Israeli leaders kill for their people's votes

How Israeli leaders kill for their people's votes

By Gilad Atzmon

30 December 2008

Israeli-born musician and writer Gilad Atzmon, who has renounced his Jewishness and Israeli nationality, explains Israel's massacre of Palestinians in Gaza in terms of Israeli culture, which is imbued with racism and a murderous hatred of Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular.

In order to grasp the latest devastating and murderous Israeli expedition in Gaza, one must deeply comprehend the Israeli identity and its inherent hatred towards anyone who is not Jewish and towards Arabs in particular. This hatred is imbued in the Israeli curriculum, it is preached by political leaders and implied by their acts, and it is conveyed by cultural figures, even within the so-called "Israeli left".

I grew up in Israel in the 1970s. People of my generation are nowadays leaders in the Israeli army, politics, economy, academia and the arts. We were trained to believe that "a good Arab is a dead Arab". A few weeks before I joined the Israeli armed forces in the early 1980s, General Rafael Eitan, the chief of staff at the time, announced that the "Arabs were stoned cockroaches in a bottle". He got away with it; he also got away with the murder of many thousands of Lebanese civilians in the first Lebanon war. In a word, Israelis manage to get away with murder.

Luckily enough, and for reasons that are still far beyond my comprehension, at a certain stage I woke up out of that lethal Hebraic dream. At some point I left the Jewish state, I evaded the Jewish hate-mongering, I had become an opponent of the Jewish state and any other form of Jewish politics. However, I am utterly convinced that it is my primary duty to inform every being that is willing to listen about that which are we up against.

Although the central purpose of Zionism was to transform Jews by "giving them a state of their own" and making them like any other people, it has failed miserably. The Israeli barbarism that we saw this week and too many times before is far beyond bestiality. It is killing for the sake of killing. And it is indiscriminate.

Fews people in the west are aware of the devastating fact that killing Arabs and Palestinians in particular is a very effective Israeli political recipe. The Israelis are indeed a confused people. As much as they insist upon seeing themselves as a "shalom-seeking" nation, they also love to be led by politicians with an astonishing record of murderous activity. Whether it was Sharon, Rabin, Begin, Shamir or Ben Gurion, Israelis love their "democratically-elected leaders" to be belligerent hawks with their hands dripping with blood and backed by a solid record of crimes against humanity.

We are weeks before an election in Israel and it would seem that both the prime ministerial candidates of Kadima and Labour, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defence Minister Ehud Barak, are trailing well behind the Likud candidate, the notorious hawk Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. Livni and Barak need their little war. They must prove to the Israelis that they know how to engage in mass slaughter.

Both Livni and Barak have to provide the Israeli voter with some real exhibition of devastating carnage, so that he Israelis can trust their leadership. This is their only chance against Netanyahu. Seemingly, Livni and Barak are throwing tons of bombs on Palestinian civilians, schools and hospitals because this is exactly what the Israelis want to see.

Unfortunately, Israelis are not known for mercy and grace. Instead, they are appeased by retaliation and vengeance, they are cheered by their own limitless brutality. When former Israeli Air Force commander Dan Halutz was asked how it feels to drop a bomb on a highly populated neighbourhood in Gaza, his answer was short and precise. "It feels like a light bump on the right wing," was his reply. Halutz's cold, deadly manner was enough to secure his promotion to armed forces chief of staff shortly thereafter. It was General Halutz who led the Israeli army into the second Lebanon war. It was this man who perpetrated the destruction of Lebanese infrastructure and large parts of Beirut.

Seemingly, in Israeli politics Arab blood is translated into votes. It would obviously be very reasonable to charge Livni, Barak and the current armed forces chief of staff, Gabriel Ashkenazi, with first-degree murder, crimes against humanity and obvious breaches of the Geneva Conventions. But it would be far more meaningful to take into account that Israel is a "democracy". Livni, Barak and Ashkenazi are giving the Israeli people that which they want: it is called Arab blood and it must come in vast quantities. This repetitive murderous practice, conducted by Israeli politicians, reflects on the Israeli people as a whole rather than just a few politicians and generals. We are dealing here with a barbarian society that is politically driven by bloodthirstiness and lethal inclinations. There should be no mistake: there is no room for these people among civilized nations.

Why the Israeli people are so remote from any notion of humanism is a big question. The generous and naïve humanists among us may argue that the Shoah, or Holocaust, left a big scar in the Israeli soul. This may explain why Israelis are obsessively cultivating that very memory with the support of their Diaspora brothers and sisters. The Israelis say "never again" and what they mean is that Auschwitz should never reoccur. This somehow allows them to punish the Palestinian for the crimes committed by the Nazis.

However, the realists among us do not buy this argument anymore. They are now beginning to acknowledge that it is more than possible that the Israelis are so incredibly brutal just because this is how they are. It goes far beyond rationality or pseudo-analytical assumptions. They say: "this is what the Israelis are and there is not much we can do about it anymore". The realists among us have come to admit that killing is how the Israelis interpret the meaning of being Jewish. Gravely, many of us are coming to admit that there is no alternative humanist secular Jewish value system to replace the murderous Hebraic one. The Jewish state is there to prove that Jewish national autonomy is an inhuman concept.

I grew up in post-1967 Israel. I was raised in the wake of the Israeli mythical victory. We were trained to worship the "Israeli who shoots from the hip", the platoon commando who shoots his Uzi automatic rifle in the direction of the Arabs and manages to win against four armies in just six days.

It may have taken me two decades too long to understand that the Israeli who "shoots from the hip" was actually the master of indiscriminate killing. Barak was one of those 1967 heroes, he was a master indiscriminate killer. Apparently, the Israeli cabinet has just approved his plan for the biggest raid on Gaza since 1967. Livni is more or less my age and, as we know from the news, she has internalized the message. She is now accumulating the necessary credentials as an indiscriminate murderer. Both Barak and Livni are taking Israel and Palestine into an election campaign of slaughter. Arab and Palestinian blood is the fuel of Israeli politics.

I may just suggest to Livni and Barak that it may not help them in the polls. Netanyahu is a genuine, authentic hawk. He doesn't have to pretend to be a murderer, and as much as I despise him, he has yet to take Israel into a war. He probably understands better than them what the power of deterrence is all about.


Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born musician, writer and anti-racism campaigner. This article appeared in Palestine Think Tank.

It was the pro-Israeli crowd in the Republican Party that pulled the old switcheroo and refocussed on the Middle East rather than Eurasia. Now, powerful members of the US foreign policy establishment (Brzezinski, Albright, Holbrooke) have regrouped behind the populist "cardboard" presidential candidate Barak Obama and are preparing to redirect America's war efforts to the Asian theater. Obama offers voters a choice of wars not a choice against war.
-- Mike Whitney 13 August 2008

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