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Fantastyczny zespół - poruszający ważne problemy społeczne stworzył bardzo dosadną piosenkę, będącą miksem wywiadu telewizyjnego z śpiewem zespołu. 
Charlie Sheen & Alex Jones on 9/11 
Znany aktor Hollywood aktor zebrał się na odwagę powiedzenia tego co myśli o 11 września 2001 roku 
Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski 
Notka wikipedii dotycząca osoby prof. Iwo Cypriana Pogonowskiego 
Kaczyński również nas w to wciągnął 
Zbrodnie wojskowe w Iraku 
Pomylił Chrześcijaństwo z Judaizmem 
Skandaliczna niewiedza Prezydenta USA, czy też raczej perfidna prowokacja?
W przemówieniu Baracj Obama opisuje Chrześcijaństwo odwołaniami do Judaizmu.  
Cała prawda o World Trade Center 
Filmik dokumentalny przedstawiający wydarzenia z 11 września 2001 roku. 
"patriotyzm" po 1989 roku 
komentarz zbędny 
świetne analizy polityczne i gospodarcze w skali mikro i makro + anty-NWO 
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki  
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki. Utwór z płyty "Patriotyzm" 
Wszystko pod kontrolą 
Od zawsze służby specjalne kontrolowały rzekome niezaplanowane spotkania oficjeli z obywatelami.
Przykład podstawionego Putina - jako przypadkowego przechodnia.
"Quo Vadis Polonia?" Lech Makowiecki 
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99% tez dotyczących religii, polityki i ekonomii i filozofii się pokrywa z tezami Topowa strona. 
Niezależna witryna Alexa Jones'a 
Alex Jones należy do nielicznych ludzi na świecie którzy mają odwagę mówić prawdę o antyspołecznej konspiracji 
Ewa Jasiewicz,Yonatan Shapira na spotkaniu w Krakowie 22 czerwca 2010  
Polscy "nacjonaliści" o żydach 
Po prostu zobaczcie 
Tym - którzy interesują się losami Świata nie ma potrzeby przedstawiać Davida Icke. Tym ktorzy do tej pory spali umysłowo ta strona może otworzyć oczy.  
Skazany za pestki moreli, B17  
Faszyzm w barwach demokracji 
Ostatni mit (o polityce sowieckiej) 
Próba upodmiotowienia obywateli za pośrednictwem internetu 
Celem serwisu jest umożliwienie obywatelom wyrażenia swojej woli w najważniejszych dla nich sprawach. 
Na straży wolności: Goldman Sachs  
Gerald Celente i John Stossel rozmawiają z sędzią Napolitano o różnych, nie do końca jasnych powiązaniach, między amerykańskimi bankami i rządem USA. Największe podejrzenia budzi bank Goldman Sachs, który ma dziwną nadreprezentację we władzach rządowych. Dla przypomnienia, dodam, że pracownikiem tego banku jest były premier RP, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, a bank był zamieszany w spekulacje na złotówce. 
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All Americans are now war criminals

The only person at the Oscars Monday night with the human decency to mention the "fictions" that American warmongers have used to create the bloodbath in Iraq was of course Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker who won an award for his searing indictment of American culture, "Bowling for Columbine."

As expected, Moore was booed by the predominantly Jewish Hollywood assemblage of cinema celebrities. Emcee Steve Martin later made a joke about Moore being stuffed in the trunk of his limo by Teamsters, which evoked derisive applause from the well-dressed audience.

Other than Moore's challenge to the possible humanity of the assembled luminaries, the only remark about the current carnage in Iraq came from best actor Oscar winner Adrien Brody, who delivered an emotional plea for peace and for the safe return of the American troops after accepting his trophy.

Apart from those, there was virtually no other mention made of the invasion of Iraq at this annual lovefest of the U.S. movie industry. The oddly comfortable omission of talk about bombings in Iraq mirrored the verbal silence about the subject that dominated the Grammy awards for music several weeks ago, in which presenters and performers were warned by CBS network officials not to make any statements regarding America's clumsy push for war, which was then still being debated at the United Nations.

Evaluating the Grammys and the Oscars together, the combined performance by the most famous musicians, actors and celebrities of the English-speaking world - which have been totally devoid of any utterances of social conscience - is a stunning and nauseating indictment of the social indifference and moral bankruptcy of the U.S. entertainment industry, and as well, the consumers of this meaningless drivel in America and throughout the world.

Where was Bob Dylan? Where was Eminem? Where was any movie star with social concerns? The American entertainment scene is totally devoid of conscience and not deserving of any audience that calls itself human.

Among this lopsided, pro-war ignoring of the current suffering and death of the Iraqi people - and also the needless deaths of American and British soldiers, many of whom have been killed by their own tactical ineptitude - must be mentioned the deliberately slanted performance of the U.S. media talking heads, who trip over their own tongues trying to insist that American generals are taking great care to avoid killing Iraqi civilians, and that the reasons for the U.S. invasion are actually valid and universally accepted.

The rest of the world, however, knows differently. The rest of the world knows that America suddenly cut off the debate at the United Nations when it became obvious that not enough other nations could be bribed to support the unjustifiable U.S. urge to attack Iraq.

The reporting on American television, however, never mentions of that, and seldom shows any of the horrendous and heart-wrenching photographs of children with skulls ripped open that appear frequently on various Internet websites.

Some of the most reliable and unbiased reporting, in fact, appears to come from Russia, a nation which has joined with France, Germany and others to investigate the possibility of charging the U.S. with war crimes for its irresponsible invasion of a country it charged with
crimes it has been unable to prove. See and

To many people in both America and the rest of the world, the irrelevance and moral perversion of the U.S. entertainment industry is well-known and avoided, although to the majority who consume this trash and emulate the inauthentic trends it disseminates, the cultural dangers of this malicious influence to human social health remain unnoticed.

What should be clear to everyone by now is this. The absence of American social conscience in its entertainment industry shows that America itself is morally bankrupt. According to both the tenets of basic psychology as well as the rules of honest behavior by ordinary people, America is is no position to tell anybody anything and have it be believed.

The actions of George W. Bush and his bloodthirsty gang of petroleum executives have demonstrated clearly that America simply does not tell the truth, nor is it going to anytime in the near future.

That the totality of American mainstream media clearly support Bush
and his policy of unjustifiable mass murder anywhere he chooses to unleash it, and that the American people by and large support these policies, should make something crystal clear to the entire rest of the world.

All Americans are now war criminals, willing to support any kind of lie, no matter how ridiculous or lethal, to maintain their immoral position of economic dominance over the sincere but oppressed people of Planet Earth.

Let there be no doubt about this. Even those courageous American souls who protest for peace are willing to admit their complicity in this matter, for it is this segment of the American population that realizes it has been inattention to the improper and destructive behavior of its own government that has led to this current danger that the entire world must now confront, or be raped and vandalized by a gunslinging Texan with his shaky, dry-drunk finger on the nuclear trigger.

Worst of all, George W. Bush is a man who does not know how to tell the truth. In fact, he is utterly incapable of it. Everything that comes out of his mouth does so with one single purpose in mind - to justify his dishonest and rapacious policies that are meant to enrich his corrupt associates at the expense of everyone else in the entire world.

He is incapable of telling the truth, people. Realize this.

He is incapable of expressing actualized human emotions, especially compassion and understanding for the plight of working stiffs like you and me, because he's never had to work a day in his entire life. The son of a rich man, he's gotten a free pass from every scrape he's every encountered - notably military desertion and drug selling. But enough about him. He's just a moronic tyrant who needs to be arrested and jailed for life without parole along with the thousands of sycophantic quislings who support his anti-human agenda.

What's more important is the welfare of the troops, both American and Iraqi, and the safety of the millions of innocent people who are now in harm's way for no legitimate reason, for no valid psychological or geopolitical reason. Hundreds of lives already have been needlessly squandered for the American oil companies.

British New Age guru David Icke showed his courage the other day when he came right out with it. "F*** the troops!" he said.

"They have decided to give their minds away to brainless dictators and that is their choice and they must take the consequences. They don't have to go and kill people, they can refuse to if they want. How about the troops "supporting the civilians" they are going to kill?

"Either the war is right or it is wrong. The fact that it is wrong should not be put aside just because Bush and Blair have done the bidding of their masters and sent 'the troops' into a war that has been long planned and was always going to happen no matter what.

"The troops' have a choice. What about the people of Baghdad?" Icke asked.

In the same vein, anti-Zionist activist Carol Valentine recently expressed the same sentiment in an even more forceful way. She said she would put a sign in the back window of her car that read: "US Military = Human Filth."

As she wrote in an e-mail widely circulated on the Internet: "Break through this "support our troops" mind-control rubbish. Treat the public to the truth. To support murderers in their acts of murder is unthinkable."

" ... real people are dying, a real civilization is being destroyed."

I am in fundamental agreement with both of these courageous souls and others who say the same thing, but I want to put it unmistakable, unambiguous terms.

Whether the United States recognizes it or not, when an international court of inquiry is convened at the end of this unjust and illegal invasion of Iraq, American troops will be eligible for war crimes prosecution in the same way that Nazis and Japanese soldiers were tried, convicted and imprisoned for their actions during World War II.

In fact, what we are doing to Iraq is at least the equal of what Japan and Germany did to us, and perhaps worse. There exists no reason that is not a lie that has been told by George W. Bush to invade Iraq and murder its people.

The petropsychos in Washington have lied about the 2000 election, lied about 9/11 (and completely thwarted any investigation), lied about the anthrax attacks, lied about the invasion of Afghanistan, and now are lying about the invasion of Iraq. In all of these cruel charades, they have been backed to the hilt by a totally prostituted American media propaganda corps, who are themselves eligible for war crimes charges by their dishonest complicity in this corporate conspiracy against the poor people of the world.

German and Japanese soldiers who were tried following World War II were not allowed to use the excuse that they were just following orders.
Soldiers are human beings who are expected to exercise their consciences when they are ordered to commit illegal and immoral crimes against humanity.

To claim they were just following orders is not a valid excuse, never has been.

There is an oil filter advertisement familiar to American TV viewers, in which an auto mechanic wisely advises a worried car owner to take precautionary measures and change his filter. "Either pay me now, or pay me later," the mechanic says.

In regard to the American war machine now surging across the globe leaving a bloody trail of violence, it is vital this message now be heard and understood by people in every country in the world.

Each day we fail to stop this bloodthirsty American menace, the price we will pay will keep getting higher.

John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of essays soon to be published by Dandelion Books.

By John Kaminski
25 marzec 2003




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