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Żydzi tradycjonaliści przeciwko syjonistom 
Zakrzyczana prawda 
Mamy 2010 rok a zbrodniarze którzy doprowadzili do wielu wojen i kryzysu światowego w w dalszym ciągu - z tupetem - niczym Josef Goebbels kłamią w oczy w kwestii sytuacji gospodarczej świata i Stanów Zjednoczonych
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Film opisujący mechanizmy ekonomicznej władzy nad światem 
Cała prawda o World Trade Center 
Filmik dokumentalny przedstawiający wydarzenia z 11 września 2001 roku. 
Młodzież izraelska w Polsce 
Doskonały dokument o wycieczce młodzieży izraelskiej do Polski. 
świetne analizy polityczne i gospodarcze w skali mikro i makro + anty-NWO 
Piosenka Lecha Makowieckiego 
"Quo Vadis Polonia?" Lech Makowiecki  
Cała prawda o ataku z 11 września 
Jeden z filmów usułujących przedstawić prawdę i ataku z 11 września 2001 roku 
Kaczyński również nas w to wciągnął 
Zbrodnie wojskowe w Iraku 
Nie dajmy się lobbystom energetyki jądrowej! Wywiad z prof. Mirosławem 
Energetyka jądrowa jest przeżytkiem - nadzieje na tanią energię dawała w latach 60. ubiegłego stulecia, czyli przed pół wiekiem. Okazało się natomiast, że jest kosztowna, niebezpieczna, i nie wiadomo, jak poradzić sobie np. z jej odpadami. Istnieje jednak silne lobby łapówkarskie, które wciska energię jądrową do krajów słabych politycznie i gospodarczo. Nie możemy się mu poddać. 
Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski 
Notka wikipedii dotycząca osoby prof. Iwo Cypriana Pogonowskiego 
"patriotyzm" po 1989 roku 
komentarz zbędny 
Fantastyczny zespół - poruszający ważne problemy społeczne stworzył bardzo dosadną piosenkę, będącą miksem wywiadu telewizyjnego z śpiewem zespołu. 
Niezależna witryna Alexa Jones'a 
Alex Jones należy do nielicznych ludzi na świecie którzy mają odwagę mówić prawdę o antyspołecznej konspiracji 
Skazany za pestki moreli, B17  
Faszyzm w barwach demokracji 
Ostatni mit (o polityce sowieckiej) 
Przedsiębiorstwo holokaust 
Telewizyjny wywiad z Normanem Finkelsteinem 
Wielkie pytania o 9/11 
Strona poświęcona analizie wydarzeń z 11 września 2001 
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Eastern Europe: Manufacturing of a "Catholic" Docility

Below is a text, prepared for the revue “EUROASIA – Rivista di Studi Geopolitici”, centered at the political and social situation of “Re-conquered by Capitalism” Eastern Europe. I completed it by an important Attachment, demonstrating wherefrom this all-American, dictating the behavior of Catholic Eastern European masses, “spirit of Judeo-Christian (re)conquista” originates.

M.G. Gdansk, November 2006
Dr Marek Glogoczowski

Eastern Europe: Manufacturing of a „Catholic” Docility

The principal feature, which characterizes, already for the second decade, the life of the “won to freedom and democracy” post-Soviet part of the world, is its aggressive Americanization. This truly global phenomenon starts from most elementary nutritive habits, symbolized by Mac Donald’s “junk food refueling stations”, and runs through the whole spectrum of both “plebeian” and “high” culture, ending up in the installation of American citizens at the leadership of nations leftover from the former Soviet Union. In Baltic states actual presidents (Estonia, Lithuania) and Prime Ministers (Latvia), are bearers of American passports, in Ukraine the actual wife of its president is the former worker of the Department of State, in Georgia its aggressive, loving to speak in English, president is the graduate of Columbia University, and in Poland the actual Minister of War, Radek Sikorski, which is the bearer of the British passport, is the member of so-called “neo-conservative think tank” in Washington, D.C. (I wrote purposefully “Minister of War”, not of Defense, for the Polish Army become “miniaturized” to the size hardly over 100 thousand soldiers, for a country of nearly 40 millions of inhabitants. This mini-army is officially trained only for “antiterrorist missions” in distant countries and seas. In particular the Polish “mini Navy” is supposed to defend the Southern Pacific, as told us, during a meeting at my Pomeranian Pedagogical Academy, the freshly formed in USA commandor of Polish Navy.)

It is thus evident, that also the political life in these post-socialist (but not “post communist”, as propaganda insists) countries ever more resembles the political spectrum existing in USA. Of course we witness here the development of a typically Anglo-Saxon “bipartisan” system, diverging in its programs in the same manner as the American Democratic “Pepsi Party” diverges in its political taste from the USA Republican “Coca Cola Club”. The most recent, slightly funny example, up to which point the realm of the sociopolitical – or rather sociopathological – life in Poland started to imitate the “cultural spirit” present in USA, gave the proposal, of the minister of Education Roman Giertych, to introduce into the biology course the “science of Creationism”, this at the image of educational practices of certain American “fundamentalist Christian” states. (Of course, on the “science market” in Poland, with creationism competes only the (neo)Darwinian paradigm of “the creation of species, by the means of extermination of not competitive sub-species”; Polish scientific establishment dutifully ignores the more mature “Euro-Continental”, Lamarckian approach to the problem of evolution, present in J-P. Grassé’s book “L’évolution du vivant” and J. Piaget last work “Le comportement, moteur d’évolution”.)

All these, truly innumerous, examples of the direction of “development” of Eastern European societies, suggest that in order to see better what is happening in the space from Elbe/Oder to the Pacific Ocean, we have to focus our attention at the development of the American society, which has become a “beacon of nations” to be imitated everywhere. Here of a great help for us is the book, published in 2002 by English journalist Clifford Longley, under the title “Chosen People – the big idea that shapes England and America”. In this voluminous work its author points out that the American populace has become so well “drilled” to behave in a docile manner that whatever the ruling class of this “super” country decides, the populace dutifully obeys. According to Longley, “USA is God”, so no one dares to challenge the Almighty, for such an action is considered not only to be futile, but also noxious to the “Darwinian” social survival of an individual. In particular this “God in form of USA” demands that all remnants of “godless”, collective ownership shall be privatized – in USA only National Parks and the Army remain truly national, and even these “leftovers of the collectivist past” are planned to be privatized too (1). This at the image of the privatization of the rapidly expanding American Penitentiary Complex (in Russian “Gulag”), which at present “hosts” one quarter of all population of prisoners of the world.

If we consider the “imperative of privatization”, to be the goal of “God” acting upon our (?) Planet, all major geopolitical events are becoming transparent. I will limit myself to an enumeration of only most visible aspects of these “divine acts of the Lord in form of USA”:

1/ Both the lasting for more than a decade “mole’s war” of USA-NATO against Yugoslavia, and the even more prolonged and bloody war of “axis” USA-GB-Israel against Iraq, were wars for “privatization” of all valuable for invaders riches of these formerly socialist countries.

2/ Also so called “color revolutions”, which finally destroyed the Yugoslavia, and transferred Georgia and than Ukraine into USA semi-colonies, were immediately accompanied by massive privatizations, changing these countries into the New Frontier of greed-minded foreign “investors”.

3/ At present old countries of the European Union are more socialized than its new members like Poland, so quite a number of “Foundations”, localized in principle in England and in USA, are industriously trying to convince the populace of Europe that it urgently has to drop all, remaining from times of the Cold War, social protections. I have in mind in particular the “missionary activity” of this famous Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovski, whom I had a displeasure to meet “face to face” already twice in last 3 decades. He is incessantly touring the Europe, trying to convince its elites that the European Union is a “horrible copy” of the defunct Soviet Union. (Which Bukovski’s “revelation” makes out of USRR a quite prosperous and friendly country!)

4/ There is a continuos “underwater” (as say it in Minsk) war of these Judeo-Anglo-American “foundations” against Bielorussia. This relatively small country, with only ten millions of inhabitants, after the fall of Yugoslavia remains the last “island” in Europe, which stays beyond the grip of “God’s” Kingdom of Private Enterprise Only. Despite that Bielorussia practically has no natural riches, in recent years it started to play a “mini-counterweight” to “God’s” planetary ambitions, especially once it found the common language with other “anti-Western” entities, namely Venezuela and Iran. An interesting fact is that after the failure of “color revolution” in Minsk this spring, the relay in efforts to “domesticate” Bielorussia took Russia, which ultra-rich elite remains hostile to economical and cultural successes of its tiny “white” (bielo) Russian brother.

More details what is happening in deteriorating at present relations between Minsk and Moscow provides an article “From the integration dead end towards the Greater Russia”, written by Jurij Tsarik, a collaborator of the “Party of Development” lead by Jurij Kroupnov, and published in October at According to Tsarik, in Russia of today prevails the idea of a “liberal empire”, which hopes to maintain its super-state position by the means of a “terror of an owner of energetic resources” only. Such “cultural” concept was formulated already in 2003 (the year of the sharp rise of prices of petrol due to the war in Iraq), by the chief organizer of Russian “liberal reforms” of 1990ies, Anatolij Tchoubais. This hated by Russian nationalists and communists magnate is at present the owner of an enormous Russian Electricity Complex. His simplistic conception of New Russia, as an “energetic super-power”, was presented, by several Russian politologues, during the meeting of G-8 in Petersburg in summer 2006 (2). As Tsarik observes, such a “Russian” conception has lead to the situation that practically all other goals and interests, in the process of integration of post-Soviet sphere of influence, have vanished. The further integration of Russia with Bielorussia was abandoned, out of a fear that the super potent Russian energy corporations will quickly “swallow” the Bielorussian economy, with the repetition of the known already to Bielorussians, since early 1990ies, sinister scenario of “shock dezindustrialization” of the country.

Tsarik observes that such “radious future” is of course not desired by Bielorussian government, and even more it is not desired by the Belarus nation: thanks to the “anti Western” economical politics of Lukashenko, Belarus today has become the local industrial super-power, with practically full employment and relatively (in comparison with Russians and Ukrainians) high standard of living. The state owned Bielaz factory in Minsk produces (and sells) at present more tractors than all machine industries of the immense Russia together. In order to understand where from come these “Moscow” pressures, aiming at the privatization and dezindustrialization of Bielorussia, it is worth to recall that the dictating the energetic policy of Russia, magnate Anatolij Tchoubais is linked, via the “Case” Foundation and its Polish secretary Ewa Balcerowicz (the wife of the president of the Polish National Bank, Leszek Balcerowicz), with the whole Anglo-Saxon group of Soros and Carnegie Foundations, as well as with IMF and the World Bank, all of them being “arms” of the “God”, known as the (lead by USA) G-8 assembly of super industrialized states.

Tsarik notices that the recent “gas war”, of the state owned Russian Gasprom against Bielorussia, has managed to built up in Bielorussia the feeling of hostility towards Moscow, which until now was considered as Minsk’s closest ally. Earlier the same “Moscow” has managed to make enemies in Ukraine, in which country nearly the half of the population uses Russian as the first language. During the conference at Feldkirch (Austria) this year I had an occasion to speak with a former Soviet secret service agent, who at present lives in New Zealand, trying to stay away both from Russia and USA. He told me that one of reasons, which make the people of Ukraine reluctant to join the Greater Russia, is the fact that this immense country is run at present by “criminals”. This opinion was somehow confirmed during a conference held at Kiev’s MAUP University two years earlier, when the former chief of the Ukrainian police told us that at the beginning of 1990, the Ukrainian police observed – with no possibility to react against – how from Moscow were arriving “police commissaries”, which were organizing the criminal element in Ukraine! (The same happened in Poland too, where the head of Polish Police was murdered at the end of 1990; the “commissioner” of this murder still remains in USA, only very recently apprehended by FBI.) These stories, of a planned criminalization of post-socialist countries, converge with the politics, which USA practiced in occupied by its army territories of Europe after the WW2. At that time the chief of FBI, Edgar Hoover personally brought the Sicilian Mafioso Lucky Luciano back from USA to Italy, in order to revitalize the suppressed by fascists Mafia. This crime syndicate subsequently furnished an efficient protection of Italy against the democratic takeover by communists.

The praised by “liberals” privatization of all aspects of social life (see texts of the “guru” of liberals, A. F. von Hayek), automatically destroys all positive aspects of a socialist state: once an enterprise falls into private hands, its owner, seeking to maximize his profits, without any scruples is ready to transfer the production towards distant regions of the globe, which offer to him better gains than industries he “inherited” in his native country. Such process of “alienation” of production from local population is even more accentuated once new owners happen to be foreigners. This is the case in particular in Poland, wherefrom already millions of young people migrated towards more affluent centers of the Western Europe. In short, the abandonment of Marxist “dogma”, demanding the nationalization of means of production, has automatically resulted in the substantial dilution of all local ethnic and national cultures, this due to mass migrations imposed by capitalist free enterprise: at present the Slavic nation of Sorben, whose culture and language survived relatively well in DDR, is risking a rapid disappearance due to the trivial fact that in Eastern regions of Germany there are scarcely jobs, and its population massively emigrates westwards. The desolate at present industrial centers of Silesia in Poland, the rusting cable cars of situated at high altitudes wolfram mines in Northern Caucasus, and the not cultivated since a decade fertile farmlands of Western Ukraine, resemble similar sinister landscapes I’ve seen forty years ago in Northern America, in particular the abandoned industrial cities of the East Coast state of Vermont, and falling into ruins, beautiful wooden villages, which Ukrainians exiled from the early Soviet Union have built in Canadian British Columbia.

The similarity, between post-industrial and post-agricultural regions of North America, and desolate at present regions of former USRR, indicates that these immense territories are victims of the same illness. The name of this illness is “the liberal civil society”, which term is an euphemism hiding the reality of the Global Mafia dominant in all G-8 super-states. Such diagnosis implicates that in order to make “a more human future” (a title of the Feldkirch’s “Mut zur Ethik” conference last September), we have to reverse the general convictions what is good and what is evil in human affairs. The “evil people” today are of course these innumerable at present “money dancers”, which form the bulk of not only western, but also eastern politicians, journalists, and bishops-businessmen. As wrote it recently David Montoute “From the true origins of the Gulf War, to the pre-planned dismemberment of Yugoslavia and Iraq, from Wall Street money laundering to the murder of David Kelly, from depleted uranium to ‘false flag’ terrorism, there is now an open-ended list of taboo subjects that the mainstream (i.e. Global Mafia controlled) media and the foundation-funded ‘alternatives’ cannot address. (...) According to Michael Ruppert, the emerging American-led global police state is not merely about private control over the legal system, but is rather a crisis-induced transition from a deeply compromised legal system to a society where force and surveillance completely supplant that system.’” (3).

Does the possibility of a humanization of the liberal “civil society” exist?

Does any social movement have the chance to revolt against this, laboriously woven at present, “American-led global police state”? Here, as a Pole grown in the very catholic environment of my semi-native Kraków, I have to point out that even the Church has been maneuvered into a role of a docile apologist of a “catholic” – it means generalized, universal – society, which is entirely devoted to the worship of a transnational divinity called Mammon. In Kraków we have even an influential among intelligentsia, “Catholic Weekly” (Tygodnik Powszechny), which specializes in binding together beings formally opposite, namely the Christian credo with the overtly “mammonist” ethics of a liberal, cosmopolite and philo-Semite bourgeoisie. This relatively new for Catholics, philo-mammonist attitude, in case of Protestant churches has a long tradition. Here is sufficient to recall that in 19 century, in order to corrupt the noble Chinese spirit, Englishmen, together with the forced by the British Navy “opening” of China for the commerce of opium, demanded the opening of this country for the penetration of Christian missionaries. It is since these “Opium Wars” dates the Marxist slogan “religion is the opium of people”. As someone observed recently in the Swiss “Zeit-Fragen” weekly, the USA rulers of today give the full credence to this Marxist observation, and their agents are engaged worldwide in spreading this, despised by Marxists, “religious opium”. These agents became so successful in this task that the very recent history, of mass intoxication with various forms of Old Testament based religion, started to remind the not so distant history of the success of sterilization of American farmlands by DDT, in which campaign not only insects, but also consuming these insects birds have been nearly totally exterminated.

The presence of ordinary opium in brain centers makes people “soft” and insensitive to their, ever uglier, environment. Moreover, it makes them dependent from this narcotic providers. Seen from this commercial perspective, the present renaissance, at the scale of the entire planet, of various sects and religions, is a sign that their “pushers” expect to make profits comparable to these made by merchants of ordinary drugs. Is it thus possible that also the Christian religion, in its more camouflaged cognitive layer, has been “manufactured”, in Antiquity, as a tool of conquest and subjugation of “weak” and ignorant souls? Such hypothesis finds a kind of a confirmation in practices of contemporary Anglo-Saxon secret services. As relates it Noam Chomsky in one of his numerous books, in the period between two World Wars, the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs have worked, in secrecy, at the project aiming at the invention of an ideology, with which will be possible to intoxicate the population of the entire planet, subjugating it to egoist interests of rulers of the British Empire. The invented at this occasion “opium of intellectuals” turned to be the “gospel” of economical liberalism, preached at the beginning only by professors of London School of Economics, in particular by A.F. von Hayek. Than, at the second stage of “underwater” (as say it in Minsk) war against all possible collectivist “totalitarian” regimes, missionaries of “private enterprise” – like this Vlad Bukowski – were sent to nations, announcing them their liberation by the means of mass privatization of literally everything.

Was it possible that already in the Antiquity the similar scenario of a deceitful “spiritual subjugation” of nations has been played down, by precursors of owners of English and than American Empires? The mentioned at the beginning Clifford Langley insists in his book (“Chosen People”) that Anglo-Saxon culture is extremely biblio-centric, and thus its ruling class is impregnated with the same set of ideas, which was taught in the antique seminary of rabbi Gamaliel, where the future Saint Paul got his graduate training. (See Acts, 22,3; the Talmud, which decisively separated Jews from Christians, wasn’t yet written.) This association suggests that the ever travelling apostle Paul was the prototype of Bukovski’s type contemporary missionary-psychopath, announcing the “gospel” of the oncoming Global Super State (the “Heaven”) for Chosen (3). Such marvelous project, of a truly terrorist Global Empire, we find already in the 2,5 thousands years old prophecy of Isaiah (60, 10-12; 61, 5-6), as well as in the New Testament, in the Revelation of “Jesus”, according to which “there shall be one flock and one shepherd” (John 10, 16). It means that already very early naive Christians were dreaming – as Americans do it today – of “gathering in one sheep pen” of all, faceless and castrated nations of the earth, so “there will be no longer Greek nor a Jew”, as dreamt it St. Paul. This suggests that the taking its shape at present, idea of a “global police state”, we can trace back to these two antique writers of New Testament, who never heard the living word (λόγος) of this Israeli prophet, whose sinister history they reported – or profited, as it was in case of St. Paul. (It means, by the way, that the New Testament is a much more important source of globalist ideas than the hardly known Trotski’s writings.)

Here we come to a point, which make us understand what kind of Supermen are hiding behind all this “globalization” drive of today. Namely by the term “God” in antique Middle East was understood the earthly Ruler, the Lord or King (Moloch). Such materially existing “invisible ruler” (in English “godfather”) of early Christians, soon after the disappearance of Jesus, and the subsequent lapidation of St. Stephen, become the Sect of Pharisees. This Mafia-like Hebrew sect covertly supported Saul/Paul in his, marked by perfidy, mission of transforming of the dead corpse (“corpus Christi”), of an unwelcome in Israel prophet, into a kind of a “false flag” directing the naive Christian flock.

It is in the shadow of this “Catholic false flag” were organized subsequent “unifying the world” crusades, the present one included (4). When Langley claims that for pious Americans (and for Poles too – M.G.) “USA is God”, he suggests that under the term “God(father)” we have to put the contemporary Global Criminal Elite, corresponding exactly, in its supremacisto-imbecilist attitude, to the antique Sect of Pharisees, which hypocrisy denounced the impotent Jesus two thousands years ago. And of course, if we want to liberate ourselves from the “(post)modern planetary sheep pen”, in a form of degrading all our faculties, USA-lead paradise-imitating “global police state”, we absolutely must free the world from, to quote Din Vantari, “the totalitarian (Judeo-Christian) ‘gestalt’ which the privileged (i.e. today’s Pharisees) impose on the mentality of the masses” (see ref. 3).


1. Dr. Robert Hickson “The Crescent Phenomenon of the Privatization of Warfare and Security-Services: New Oligarchic Feudalities, Special-Operations Networks, and Ambiguous Mercenaries in a Time of Borderless Economies and Finance” Oct. 30. 2006. (To be published at , Indiana, USA)


3. David Montoute “Beyond the Seal of Approval”,;

4. Post Scriptum. A recent text, published at Strait Gate Ministry by Charles C. Carlson, denounces the philo-criminal aspect, of influential among White House politicians, sect of “New Born Christians”. Its leader, Ted Haggard, in an interview at NBC, entitled “In God They Trust” on October 28, 2005, told the audience: “See, the issue is Jesus took care of our sins. And Jesus removes guilt from our life. So the emphasis in our church isn't how to get your sins removed because that's pretty easy to do. Jesus did that on the cross.” Commenting this “evangelical” message, Carlson wrote : “Haggard believes his past and future sins are all "covered" by Jesus' crucifixion. It is "blank check" forgiveness. He teaches and vehemently argues that he and "born again" followers are not subject to judgment for their sins, (...) This has allowed leaders like Haggard to support of the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and Lebanon without a twinge of conscience.”

Unfortunately, the same objection holds in case of the Catholic Church, which eagerly accepted the St. Paul’s perfidious doctrine that Christ crucified is a ‘redemptory facility’ (to use the American language), which makes sins (i.e. crimes) “covered”. For example, the traditional Catholic clergy, during the night of Easter Saturday, sings, in Latin, the written by St. Augustin hymen “Exulted divina mysteria”, announcing the joyful – for criminals, but not for decent people – message of Christ’s murder: “sanctifying strength of this night makes crimes removed and guilt washed out, giving back the innocence to these fallen”. It is thanks to these Golgota’s (and recently Auschwitz, too) philo-criminal divine mysteries, in which “past and future sins are all "covered" by Jesus' (or poor Jews’) crucifixion (or Holocaust)”, we had – and have – all these blood and theft marked Crusades and other Christian (and/or Jewish) conquests.

(See the Attachment; The criticized in it, White House chief “gospel predicator”, rev. Tom Haggard, in all evidence makes efforts to imitate the “ethos” (behavior) of the first “new born Christian”, known as St. Paul, who indeed has managed to cover, remove his sins (and crimes) by the “Good news” of Christ being crucified. – M.G.)

25 listopad 2006

Marek Glogoczowski 



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