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Mój dom, mój świat ...  
Tytułowa piosenka z płyty "Mój dom, mój świat" powstała tuż po obaleniu rządu Olszewskiego.
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Cała prawda o World Trade Center 
Filmik dokumentalny przedstawiający wydarzenia z 11 września 2001 roku. 
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki  
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki. Utwór z płyty "Patriotyzm" 
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99% tez dotyczących religii, polityki i ekonomii i filozofii się pokrywa z tezami Topowa strona. 
Ewa Jasiewicz,Yonatan Shapira na spotkaniu w Krakowie 22 czerwca 2010  
Niezależna witryna Alexa Jones'a 
Alex Jones należy do nielicznych ludzi na świecie którzy mają odwagę mówić prawdę o antyspołecznej konspiracji 
Wielkie pytania o 9/11 
Strona poświęcona analizie wydarzeń z 11 września 2001 
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"Quo Vadis Polonia?" Lech Makowiecki  
Historia kontroli bankowej w USA 
Dyktatura banków i ich system zadłużający, nie są ograniczone do jednego kraju, ale istnieją w każdym kraju na świecie.  
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Three Zoological Allegpries of Philo’s of Alexandria “Allegories of (Hebrew) Law”

Below I pasted a copy of my sontribution to this year's conference "Dialog of Civilizations: Zionism as the greatest thread to modern civilization", which will be held at Intern. Personnel Academy at Kiew this week. For I was allocated with only  10 min for my speech, perhaps not all three "Zoological allegories of Hebrew Law" I will have time to develop. If one is interested, where from come ideas of these "allegories of Law", I attach a longer "worm", counting rougly 33 standard pages, full of footnotes and references. This paper is the result of full year of research on Philo of Alexandria allegoric creativity. This my "worm" (see the symbol of Attachment) is worth to be read segment by segment, part by part, for i I tried to compress in it several more years of my research in the domain of the "Law of Hilozoa", otherwise known as Lamarck's Law of Biology. 

Marek Glogoczowski
Three Zoological Allegpries of Philo’s of Alexandria “Allegories of (Hebrew) Law”
Dr Marek Głogoczowski

Several historians of science, like Lynn White and Pierre Thuiller, observed that the contemporary Western science has its cognitive source in Judeo-Christian concepts of Nature. These concepts are laid down in the Bible, but only thanks to “Allegories of Law” written by Philo Judeaus of Alexandria, they become popular both among early Christian (Orygenes) and late pagan (Plotin) philosophers. It is thus of interest to re-examine the essential message of this Alexandrian author, for it gives the information wherefrom originated, after two thousand years of incubation, all these, dazzling us today with their aggressive “free market” colors, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.
As remarked it, during a colloquium held at the Jagiellonian University at Kraków in 1993, author’s friend Ireneusz Kania, the Hebrew ‘God Creator’ is not the one, which unites elements of the Universe, but to the contrary, it is the one, which disjoints them. Kania stressed that “God separates upper waters from lower ones, the sea from the land, etc. He finally separates himself from his creation. ... Concepts of this kind created premises for the desacralization of nature and – à la longue – for its (scientific) exploration and conquest. These concepts in our times resulted, to say it overtly, in the non controlled devastation of this nature. ... The man in front of Nature behaves like its true hater.”
Such “anti-naturalist” pattern of thinking characterizes also Philo of Alexandria, and this feature of his theosophy was resumed the best by Jan Legowicz in his book on philosophy of Roman Empire:
“The world, in the meaning of matter, is a complete opposition of God, in Him is the fullness of being, there nearly nothing, accumulation of mutually contradictory elements, shapelessnes, chaos, the continuous drive to become something else – this in opposition to the peace and God’s light penetrating everywhere. The matter, in its dynamics, remains beyond God, who does not create it, but only puts order into its eternal chaos. Acting according to his ideas-models, He forms from it the world.”
The despised by Philo “continuous drive to become something else” characterizes only so called hilozoa – the living matter – and we have thus reasons to formulate the hypothesis that it was precisely the life of animals, especially of these not domesticated BEASTS, which was filling this proto-Christian thinker with the repulsion combined with the desire to dominate (or eradicate) these endangering human tranquility obstacles.
If an Animal (a Beast) for Hebrews (and thus also for Philo Judeaus) was an incarnation of Evil, thus by opposition the Full of Goodness “G-d” of this peculiar tribe had – and still has – anti-zoological characteristics: animals are mortal, G-d is Immortal; animals are numerous and varied, G-d is One and Uniform; animals are constantly moving, G-d is Immobile; beasts are driven by their unsatisfied needs, G-d is the Fullness of Peace; animals are worthless and stupid, G-d is the Value and Wisdom, and so on. Acting on behalf of constructed in this simple way Supreme Being, the predestined for their task people – whom Philo considered to be “small deities” – are supposed to transform the ever existing, evil world of chaos, inhomogeneouity, obligatory death and senseless agitation, into the god-like world of Order, Uniformity, near absence of Death, and of permeating everything Everlasting Light.
The definition of “unique god”, as the opposition of “living” (zoa), implies that individuals trying to become predestined for the Conquest (and Domestication) of Nature, have to suppress in themselves all reflexes, which are products of Aristotelian “animal, sensuous soul”. In this respect the man to be imitated was Moses, whom Philo praises in a following verse:
“Moses is of opinion that from the soul one has to cut of, and completely remove, its irascible part. This, what he loves, is not the restrain of passions (metropatheia) but their complete elimination (apatheia). If someone loves the virtue, and is loved by God, his duty is to think about the whole soul, and than to take the breast, it means irascible emotions, remove them and cut out, so after the removal of the warrior part, for the future will become peace.” (3, Allegory of Law)
Someone, who read carefully the “Republic” of Plato, will easily notice that praised by Philo “Moses”, proposed to following him people... the self-castration of the “impulsive soul”, which was distinguishing warriors (and guardians) of Plato’s “Republic” from fearful plebeians, frequently driven by their criminal desires. This “impulsive, irascible soul”, when it was appropriately cultivated, was the best helper of ... human Reason (see the book II of Plato’s “Republic”).
Allegory 1: The dominion of “effeminized”
The modern science of endocrinology have discovered that the “warrior behavior”, of practically all mammals, is linked with secretions of masculinizing hormones called androgens, in particular of testosterone. In specific case of African hyenas, where females, not males, are dominant, the level of testosterone in leading female is up to six times greater than in other females, which nevertheless have higher level of androgens than males belonging to this species.
These simple, physiological considerations indicate that followers of Moses, by taming in themselves natural for healthy human males irascibility, automatically start to behave in an “effeminate” way, trying to dominate their environment by loudly praised by all Judeo-Christians “strength of the weak”. The social domination of these “effeminates” is thus realized by means having nothing in common with Greek and Roman Virtus:
1/ by a systematic appeal to lies and deceits (“By a deceit we make war” is the slogan of modern Mossad secret service.);
2/ by a persistent dwelling inside secure “ivory towers”, insulating “chosen people” from contacts with natural environment.
3/ by an affirmation of one’s personality by an unlimited and wasteful accumulation of wealth.
This kind of behavior was (and still is) characteristic not only of Jews and than, in modern times, of imitating Jewry bourgeois. Such pathologically acquisitive and vicious behavior was also characteristic of enterprising Chinese eunuchs, who at certain moment of history sized the power at the Chinese Imperial Court. In all these cases diminished secretions of “masculinizng” hormones were (and are) responsible for the increased preponderancy to “grab (the property) as much, as you can grab” – to quote the famous “virtue” of American self-made men.
All these “Jewish” behaviors become culturally inherited thanks to the widespread lecture of the Hebrew Bible. And all negative aspects of this “cultural inheritance” become well visible already in 19 century leading, in the subsequent century, to anti Judeo-Christian communist and fascist revolutions worldwide (with the notable exception of English and American Empires).
In the breast is symbolically situated not only the soul, which in all higher animals corresponds to their organ of courage, but also the heart, which action is traditionally linked with feelings, in particular with feeling of love and empathy towards the outside world. By an imitation of “Moses” – which represents a perversion of stoic apathy – praised by Philo “small deities” make out of themselves cool-blooded egoists, completely alienated from their environment. These Supermen, self-deprived of all higher sentiments, are thus becoming blind for the beauty of Nature, which Nature for them becomes “nearly nothing”, to be subdued or destroyed.
Summing-up, the “God of Separation”, worshipped by all apologists of the Bible is literally the COUNTER-EROS, having utterly ANTIZOOLOGICAL character. The true beginning of this ANTI-ANIMALIST CIVILIZATION was announced to ancient Jews by the Heartless Moses who burned, under the Mount Sinai, the Monument of Golden Calf, symbolizing the animal’s (“Beast’s”) virility and strength. This natural virility was than supplanted by artificial virility of dispassionate, robotized “Law enforcers”, trying ever more aggressively to terrorize the whole Universe.
Allegory 2: “Male” Jehovah as female Eris-Discordia
Professionals of Greek mythology know the name of goddess fitting the characteristics of the described above “Unique God” of Hebrews. This God bears the Greek name of ERIS, the Latin name of DISCORDIA, and Polish SPÓR (QUARREL). According to Homer’s Iliad story, it was this JEALOUS AND VENGEFUL (like Jehovah – see Ex. 20, 5) goddess, which gave to Paris the famous apple for “the most beautiful”, thus starting the quarrel between top Olympic goddesses. This “Quarrel of gods” at Olympus resulted in a very real and murderous Trojan War in Mediderranean. (Eris was the sister of Ares/Mars, the god of War.)
Using the method of Aristotelian induction we constructed the very general notion, suggesting that Hebrew “unique God” corresponds to Greco-Roman evil goddess called Eris-Discordia. Thanks to this general notion we can arrive at several interesting conclusions, putting new light both on events related in the Bible, and on these we witness in the world of today.
According to Greek historian Hesiode, Eris was “daughter of the Night, mother of the Famine, of Sorrow, of Imposture and Crime. Acting like instructed by this nasty Eris-Discordia the “Unique God” of Hebrews illustrated himself in tormenting Egyptians with seven consecutive plagues. Moreover He (or more precisely, She) – by enhancing Israelites’ sense of vanity – separated his (it means, her) Chosen People from the rest of the human species, which immediately has lead to described in the Bible wars for the possession of the Holy Land.
Children of this specific “God(dess)” act as their progenitor used to do. The recent destruction of Yugoslavia in large extend was achieved by a conspiracy of effeminate “children of Eris”, organized in Soros Foundation and Human Rights Watch. The realized at present division, in ever smaller units, of remnants of the Russian and than Soviet Empire, is assured by “rose-orange-tulip revolutions”, organized by the above mentioned “Foundations of Love”, helped by less visible, “making war by a deceit”, CIA/Mossad effectives. If we look at Palestine of today, which land 50 years ago was a united country, we see how Missionaries of Eris/Jehovah have managed to made this tiny land divided into two parts separated by several hundreds of kilometers of ugly concrete wall 8 meter high.
The general notion of Jewry as “Eris Chosen People” sheds new light at major historical events of last two centuries. In particular the economical extraordinary development of Germany at the end of 19th century was possible, in a big measure, thanks to “Semitic” owners of German banks. United Germans, thanks to their banks become conscious of their economical and scientific superiority, and in their vanity of God Chosen Übermenschen, they began to fight with older Powers for the Living Space (Lebensraum), which they imagined that they deserve, as the prize for their economic achievements. This quarrel for ownership of colonies has lead to two consecutive World Wars, which ended, after the lasting for four decades “cold war”, in imposition of the UNITED ERISLAND – it means of the tandem USA-Israel – as the “Sole Victor” at the end of 20th century.
The mythical Eris is the goddess of disjunction, and thus her apostles – like the recently died “new philosopher” Jacques Derrida – do not desist in efforts aimed at “deconstruction” of all natural national, tribal and even familial bindings. These bindings, by their sheer existence, are giving the sense of security and of “belonging” to every human individual. “Liberated” and atomized in this artificial way people must than turn their attention to substitutes giving them the feeling of safety and of meaning in life. Such substitute institutions, giving the artificial sense of security, (and of belonging to the “superior” social group), are at present Banks and Insurance Companies, not to speak about the ever more demanded “material goods”, artificially assuring rich men’s preservation and dominion.
Eris thus, by separation of humans (and whole nations), into isolated monads, helps to establish the Kingdom of Artificial God called Mammon, the Money. This Mammon in turn, by the work of its effeminate “apostles” called bankers, is ever widening the gap in wealth between individuals and whole nations, creating thus the mutual hostility of rich and these economically  downtrodden. Due to this necessary effect, which is the logical product of the Bible blessed practice of usury, all mammonized, so called “OPEN” SOCIETIES (Gesellshaften in German) must come ever closer to the worldwide KINGDOM OF ERIS, consisting of mutually hostile egoists, realizing Thomas Hobbes plan of bellum omnia contra omnes.
Allegory 3: Taenia solium habitat as model for NWO
If the described in detail by Philo of Alexandria “G-d of Hebrews” has an anti-zoological character, the NOVUS ORDO TERRANUM he incessantly tries to impose, must be anti-animalist – it means literally “soulless” – too. Soulless should be thus also the Augustinian ordo vivendi, the God desired “ladder of beings”. As observed it philosophers of Antiquity, all Living Nature – including human societies – has not the democratic but the hierarchical structure. The thriving at lowest level of organization, practically immobile plants feed themselves passively assimilating inorganic compounds, which they encounter at random. Animals forming the higher level of organization, thanks to their senses and organs of locomotion, feed themselves by searching actively for suitable plants. This hierarchy is very well perceptible also inside the Kingdom of Animals, and big predators are neatly superior, in their senso-motorical skills, to phytophagous beasts, which serve as aliment for them.
The same holds in case of every healthy human society, where men (and women) of virtue are supposed to form the “guardians” class (as imagined it Plato in his “Republic”). For the individual accumulation of wisdom needs years of possibly broad training, so both Plato and Spinoza argued that in politics shall participate only people of age over 50 years old.
In the Bible this ordo vivendi naturalis has been inverted, as proudly declares it St. Paul “the elder will serve the younger”, pointing at imposture of “cunning Jacob”, by which this protoplast of Israelites kicked out his elder “wild” brother Esau from their common family heritage. This is not the only example. The Old Testament advises the use of usury as the tool of the “struggle for survival” of the God’s “chosen” (see V Mo. 23,20), while usury demands no activity at all, which makes bankers resemble rather to vegetables than to ever agitated higher animals.
The situation, in which more perspicacious individuals are forced to serve these more flabby and slower in spirit, is the situation of classical parasitism, when species of lower internal organization feed themselves on these more sophisticated (and thus, in optics of ordo vivendi, more noble) ones. For example the practically devoid of senses and of organs of locomotion, long intestinal tapeworm (taenia solium), once it manages to colonize the most virtuous hero, is able to live and multiply inside him in full tranquility, leading to this hero chronic hunger linked with his noticeable physical deterioration.
In modern society such blind “tapeworms” are surely our banks, which are indeed extremely simpleminded in organization of their business. Like in case of any other purely “vegetative” organism, the sole purpose of banker’s activity is to make subsequent bank branches in all places accessible to capital penetration. The banking “worm”, by a systematic stealing of (financial) “aliments” from its host, forces people in “free” countries to become dependent of their artificially stimulated financial voracity, which with time develops into a chronic “cupiditas naturalis” (as Thomas Hobbes called the spirit of the “struggle for survival” characterizing England of his times). And this, Global Banking System promoted ARTIFICIAL GREED, must lead to the ever more aggressive, competitive devastation of the Earth.
This sociobiological comparison, of Banker’s Associations to a monstrous Taenia solium, is indeed very instructive. On one hand it permits to make a pertinent allegory, what was, in its essence, this famous “exodus” of Chosen People from Egypt. On the other hand these recent “multicolor revolutions” inside the former Soviet Empire can be considered as examples of external “skin camouflages”, made by the Global Banking Solitary Worm, attempting to “take into possession” countries, which for nearly the whole 20th century have managed to live free of this Bible produced parasite!
Also the history of modern Zionist movement can be seen, like preceding it German Fascism of the last century, as one of products of modern Global Banking System, with its microcephalous “brain” hidden in financial centers of New York and London. It is from these places originates the horrifying Erich Fromm idea that the world needs “new creation”, exactly along the pattern for world’s “improvement” deduced, from pages of Septuaguinta, by Philo of Alexandria two thousand years ago. For this antique Hellenized Jew was evident that all animals have to be compelled to serve “small gods” – it means humans – in agreement with the God’s commandment “have dominion over every living thing which moves upon the earth”.
If we add to this that Talmudic Jews consider both Christians and Moslems to be merely “animals” to be dominated or eradicated, we can sense that Biblical G-d’s, plan is indeed the total devastation of Nature. And we will not escape this fate unless we understand, paraphrasing the famous exclamation of St. Paul, that THERE IS NO HUMANITY SALVATION WITHOUT THE BIBLE ABJURATION. Which means of course The Happy End of Israel, the Land of Eris, which we shall wish not only to Palestinians imprisoned there.

6 czerwiec 2005

Marek Głogoczowski 



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