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Dr.Coleman szczepionka Covid możne zabić każdego 
Wszystkie zaszczepione istot zaczną umierać jesienią  
Kaczyński również nas w to wciągnął 
Zbrodnie wojskowe w Iraku 
Pomylił Chrześcijaństwo z Judaizmem 
Skandaliczna niewiedza Prezydenta USA, czy też raczej perfidna prowokacja?
W przemówieniu Baracj Obama opisuje Chrześcijaństwo odwołaniami do Judaizmu.  
Odważni eksperci z USA, Rosji i Czech mówią prawdę o szczepieniach  
Fantastyczny zespół - poruszający ważne problemy społeczne stworzył bardzo dosadną piosenkę, będącą miksem wywiadu telewizyjnego z śpiewem zespołu. 
Czy to broń mikrofalowa spowodowała poważne oparzenia i obrażenia protestujących w Canberze w Australii? 
Ameryka: Od Wolności do faszyzmu 
Amerykanie zaczynają rozumieć - co się dzieje z ich krajem. O tym mówi film pod wskazanym linkiem. 
To tylko... / It's just...  
Jak Nas wganiają w kajdany 
Dr. L.Palevsky tłumaczy mechanizm działania szczepionki mRNA i wypływające z niej jej zagrożenia 
Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, certyfikowany pediatra, autor i wykładowca, wyjaśnia, w jaki sposób szczepionka na COVID instaluje instrukcje genetyczne mRNA z białka wypustek SARS-Cov2, które następnie wykorzystuje nasze ciało do powielania się, co powoduje bezpłodność, krzepnięcie krwi i zakażenia przez wydzielanie cząstek białka wypustki dla bliskich członków rodziny poprzez oddech, ślinę, pot i złuszczanie się skóry, którzy z kolei doświadczają objawów krzepnięcia, siniaków i niepłodności, mimo że nie byli zaszczepieni szczepionka na COVID-19. 
Między piekłem a niebem - sytuacja 1 września 2020 
Hanna Kazahari z Tokio 1 września 2020. 
Dr. Jeff Barke przerywa milczenie o COVID19 
Szczepionka na covid ma służyć genetycznej mutacji ludzkości 
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans
In the first interview the two discussed the coronavirus, they covered testing and they covered the vaccine. The video was quickly approaching 100k views but YouTube removed the video after only a couple days. This video will likely be taken down as well, because it does not conform to the establishment's narrative.

Not only did YouTube remove the previous video, Reuters, which is a massive international news publication that news sites from all over the world obtain their talking points from, published a fact checking report attempting to debunk Dr. Kaufman's claims that the new COVID-19 DNA vaccine would genetically modify humans. In this must see report, Dr Kaufman responds to the Reuters ‘fact checking’ report.
Nową pandemię zaplanowano na 2025 rok 
The Corbett Report 
Kanał YT niezależnego dziennikarza James'a Corbett'a  
Planet Lockdown 
Planet Lockdown to film dokumentalny o sytuacji, w jakiej znalazł się świat. Twórcy filmu rozmawiali z niektórymi z najzdolniejszych i najodważniejszych umysłów na świecie, w tym z epidemiologami, naukowcami, lekarzami, prawnikami, aktywistami, mężem stanu... 
Podstawowa lektura dla młodych Polaków 
David Icke w LondonReal TV 
Podczas bezpośredniej transmisji na YouTube (6 kwietnia 2020 r.) obejrzało 65 tysięcy osób. Zaraz potem został on usunięty ze wszystkich kanałów YouTubea, Vimeo i Facebooka. Wywiad - zwłaszcza od ok. 50 min. - polecamy polskim władzom, ekspertom, dziennikarzom, policji i wojsku oraz wszystkim tym, którzy czują, że w niedalekiej przyszłości mogą przyczynić się do zachowania godności i wolności przez człowieka.  
Człowiek 2.0 
Nanoszczepienia i Transhumanizm, MODERNA w natarciu na mR 
Zdjęcia zawartości szczepionek na Covid-19 
PiStapo atakuje rodziny 
Przypomnijmy sobie sceny ze świata Orwella. To już się dzieje.  
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The Dream Philosophy of Paranoids: Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism

Finkelstein's new book


 A central thesis of my book Beyond Chutzpah is that whenever Israel faces  a public relations debacle its apologists sound the alarm that a "new  anti-Semitism" is upon us. So, predictably, just after Israel faced  another image problem due to its murderous destruction of Lebanon, a  British all-party parliamentary group led by notorious Israel-firster  Denis MacShane MP (Labor) released yet another report alleging a  resurgence of anti-Semitism (Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry
 Into Antisemitism, September 2006). To judge by the witnesses (David  Cesarani, Lord Janner, Oona King, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Melanie Phillips)  and sources (MEMRI, Holocaust Education Trust) cited in the body of the  report, much time and money could have been saved had it just been  contracted out to the Israel Foreign Ministry. (The report's statement  that "we received no evidence of the accusation of anti-Semitism being  misused by mainstream British Jewish community organizations and leaders"  perhaps speaks more to the selection of the witnesses than the reality.)  
 The single novelty of the report, which mostly rehashes fatuous  allegations already disposed of in Beyond Chutzpah, is the new thresholds  in idiocy it breaks. Consider the methodology deployed for demonstrating a  new anti-Semitism. The report defines an anti-Semitic incident as any  occasion "perceived" to be anti-Semitic by the "Jewish community."
This is  the school of thought according to which it's raining even in the absence  of any precipitation because I feel it's raining. It is the dream  philosophy of paranoids, especially rational paranoids, for whom alleged  victimhood is politically serviceable. The report includes under the  rubric of anti-Semitic incidents not just violent acts and incendiary  speech but "conversations, discussions, or pronouncements made in public  or private, which cross the line of acceptability," as well as "the mood  and tone when Jews are discussed." The wonder is that it didn't also  tabulate repressed anti-Semitic libidinal fantasies.

 In the category of inherently anti-Semitic pronouncements the report  includes "drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of  the Nazis" (only comparisons of contemporary Arab policy to that of the  Nazis are permissible) and "theories about Jewish or Zionist influence on  American foreign policy" (even if Jewish and Zionist organizations boast  about this influence).  
 Much of the evidence of pervasive British anti-Semitism requires real  strains in credulity. * The lone item listed under the ominous subheading  "The Blood Libel" is a Syrian television series "that would be possible  for viewers in the UK to see if they had suitable satellite receiving  equipment."
 It also notes the unreferenced "case of a Jewish university lecturer who  was subjected to an anti-Semitic tirade from a student in the middle of a  lecture and subsequently asked to explain to the university authorities  why he had upset the student." Is it anti-Semitic to wonder whether this  is a crock?
 And then the report cites the warning of the London Assembly Conservative  Group that "there is a risk that in some political quarters 'views on  international events can, almost subconsciously, lead to subtly different  attitudes to, and levels of engagement with, different minority groups.'"
 The new anti-Semitism business must be going seriously awry when British  conservatives start sounding like Lacan.
 Finally, it is anti-Semitic for student unions to advocate a boycott of  Israeli goods because this "would restrict the availability of kosher food  on campus." Maybe Israel can organize a "Berlin airlift" of gefilte fish.  
 Although claiming that, in the struggle against anti-Semitism, "none of  those who gave evidence wished to see the right free speech eroded," and  "only in extreme circumstances would we advocate legal intervention," the  report recommends that university authorities "take an active interest in  combating acts, speeches, literature and events that cause anxiety or  alarm among their Jewish students," and it registers disquiet that  "classic and modern anti-Semitic works are freely available for ordering  on the website," and that "the United States in particular has  been slow to take action" in closing down "anti-Semitic internet sites."  It is at moments like this that even the least patriotic of souls can take pride in being an American.  * The police data on an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in itself  proves little because, as the report concedes, the spike might be due to  more incidents being reported and a coarsening of British life generally, as well as the "spillover" from the Israel-Palestine conflict. In  addition, there is little evidence of "organized," "politically motivated" anti-Semitic attacks; there is no evidence that perpetrators of  anti-Semitic attacks were disproportionately Muslim; and most of the  suspects in the incidents were adolescents. For 2005 the report cites a  couple incidents that were "potentially" life-threatening. It cites no  comparative data for other minorities in Britain, although tacitly  acknowledging that "the level of prejudice and discrimination by Jews in  Britain remains lower," a considerable understatement . On a related note, it deplores that "less than one in ten [anti-Semitic] incidents reported  to the police resulted in a suspect becoming an accused", but cites no  comparative data indicating whether this ratio is aberrant.
 Norman Finkelstein's most recent book is Beyond Chutzpah: On the misuse of  anti-Semitism and the abuse of history (University of California Press).  His web site is  
19 wrzesień 2006

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