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Czy celem szczepień jest unicestwienie USA? 
“To, czego KPCh pragnie najbardziej, to aby amerykańscy żołnierze zostali zaszczepieni...
Po zaszczepieniu wojsk amerykańskich, mówię wam, szczepienie przeciwko wirusowi KPCh będzie w znacznym stopniu bliska końca”. 
Rothschildów apetyt na Chiny 
Jak tlenek grafenu reaguje w organizmie  
Przez szczepionkę dostaje się do tkanek i "mnoży się", tworząc sieć przewodzącą w całym ciele, a następnie...  
Kanciarze z Wall Street 
Film przedstawia kulisy Wall street . Metody działania , które doprowadziły w ciągu kilku ostatnich lat do wywołania kryzysu finansowego. 
Here's Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine 
“The world has bet the farm on vaccines as the solution to the pandemic, but the trials are not focused on answering the questions many might assume they are.” 
Ljubljana - protesty przeciwko szczepieniom 
29 września 2020 roku po incydencie na obwodnicy Lublany trwa na Placu Republiki protest przeciwko szczepieniom Covid-19
Pomylił Chrześcijaństwo z Judaizmem 
Skandaliczna niewiedza Prezydenta USA, czy też raczej perfidna prowokacja?
W przemówieniu Baracj Obama opisuje Chrześcijaństwo odwołaniami do Judaizmu.  
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki  
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki. Utwór z płyty "Patriotyzm" 
W pierwszej kolejności powinno zostać ustalone, kto za to odpowie? 
Niektórzy mówią, że jest to wirus, który ma zlikwidować Christmas w Wielkiej Brytanii oraz w całej Europie – unieruchomić kraj w momencie, kiedy chrześcijanie obchodzą jedno z dwóch najważniejszych świąt w ciągu roku 
Przedsiębiorstwo holokaust 
Telewizyjny wywiad z Normanem Finkelsteinem 
Pandemia covid nigdy nie istniała 
Ogłoszony w 2020 roku apel 33 lekarzy z całego świata należących do sojuszu World Doctors Alliance, w którym ostrzegają przed ryzykiem związanym z nowymi eksperymentalnymi szczepionkami na Covid-19, wyjaśniają na jakiej zasadzie one działają i co dokładnie czyni je tak niebezpiecznymi.  
Niezależna Telewizja Marcina Roli 
Wszystko pod kontrolą 
Od zawsze służby specjalne kontrolowały rzekome niezaplanowane spotkania oficjeli z obywatelami.
Przykład podstawionego Putina - jako przypadkowego przechodnia.
Ivan Komarenko wywiad dla Głos Obywatelski 
W obronie Naszej wolności 
Wzmożenie infekcji wirusowych wywołane jest przez szczepionki 
Przemówienie Thierry’ego Baudeta w holenderskim parlamencie nt. agendy Covid-19
"Pytam w imieniu zdezorientowanych".  
"Pytam w imieniu zdezorientowanych". List prof. Rutkowskiego do ministra zdrowia 
Podobno to ten psychol Klaus Schwab 
To ten od "wielkiego resetu".  
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi: wykład na temat szczepień  
Nanotechnologia w szczepionkach 
To tylko... / It's just...  
Jak Nas wganiają w kajdany 
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The Progress (the Creep) of Cancer named USA

The best zoological model of the Progress of American Civilization consists of a steadily creeping, ever growing Cancer. This gigantic crustacean is using alternatively its “Red” (“Democrat”) and “Blue” (“Republican”) Pincers in order to grab, to digest and to turn into rubbish, all edible items it encounters worldwide. Prior to dissection of its prey, this cancer-like Monster paralyses defenses of its victims with mind toxins, known in modern times as “freedom and democracy”, and “human rights” double standards ideologies. The 20th century German philosopher Martin Heidegger had a naïve hope that from the slow, collective suicide, which must result from overgrowth of techniques and economy – which is automatically promoted by democracy – not the narrow-minded science (“Wissenschaft denkt nicht”), but only God may eventually save us. The author of these words shared this religious hope until late 1981, when he had the occasion to read the papal encyclical letter “Laborem exercens”.

This significant pastoral letter, which was stirred enthusiasm of Polish “Solidarity” Trade Union, dreaming of liberation from communist bondage, was centered at the Commandment “dominate the earth”, which biblical “Lord” has given to his Chosen Species. Already than the author remarked that this biblical “God-father” of Abram/Abraham, of Jacob/Israel, of Orzazif/Moses – and of course the one of Saul/ Paul – is a kind of a ‘Mind Cancer’, limited in its behavior to an undifferentiated growth and expansion, at the cost of extermination of all other, more sophisticated taxonomic units. This “Brainless Brain” of the West is achieving its “divine mission” by a simple, socially approved and even demanded, suppression of human ‘reasoning souls’, it means by a suppression of activity of organs used to associate signals provided by human sensory inputs. See below two excellent commentaries to the recent election of “American Dream President”:

1. Italian Marxist Anti-Imperialist Camp,

2. English libertarian voice of Dr Sean Gabb,

and compare similarities among them

1. Italian Marxist Anti-Imperialist Camp

Why we remain anti-American

A Black president in a country that was founded on slavery and racism – that is a true sensation. We understand and share the joy and satisfaction in the Black communities from Harlem via Chicago to New Orleans.

Editorials in Europe celebrate the victory of someone who does not belong to the WASP elite as the restoration and confirmation of the American Dream – Black man as elected monarch. The nightmare of the Bush years was supposedly just an aberration that failed, a deviation that is behind us now; the true, liberal America of opportunities is back, bright eyes, bushy tail.

The lower and middle class had enough of the anti-social and war-mongering course of that coalition of protestant fundamentalists and neo-conservatives, and voted accordingly. The majority of white America, however, still voted for the zany duo McCain&Palin.

One element that makes the United States so attractive is the apparent absence of formal exclusion for social advancement, and Obama seems to be the epitome of such a rise. For most Americans, such an ascent is of course impossible, especially for people who are not White settlers from Europe, but it was enough to maintain the attractiveness of the myth.

The obverse of this liberalism is the assimilation to American civil religion, the deification of the individual realising itself on the market. With this creed, politics in the proper meaning of the word “mass activism for self-determination against the capitalist elite” is inconceivable. Two elite parties alternate in power, and the more alike their programme becomes, the more vicious they get at each other. Within that framework, politics becomes a show, the domain of actors and cheap populism, promising anything but without further ado returning to business as usual, so next times the dupes are going to vote for the other party.

The price for Obama’s victory was the total adaptation to that system, which was obvious for anyone who did not close their eyes. Power remains in the hands of the apparatus of the elites, either way, and that Obama is Black is actually his only oppositional quality.

Who would seriously believe that Obama could or would turn the United States into a welfare state? Even without the recession that was hardy conceivable. At most, there will be a reform of the health care system, but less in the interest of the working class than in the interest of corporate America; they have long been sick of their obligations for company health plans.

Moreover, who would seriously believe that foreign policy is going to change under Obama? The US administration arrogates to be some kind of world government. The American Empire was founded under Clinton, at that time still clad in human-rights rhetoric. Bush was forced to defend it by fire and sword in a Christian-capitalist crusade. Whether liberal or conservative, the oligarchy would not think for a second to give up even one iota of their global power. The liberals are more pragmatic about form and decoration, but they share the belief in the Manifest Destiny of the United States.

International and local conflicts can take different cultural forms, but the core is always the same: self-determination against the United States, against the leading power of capitalism and imperialism. Is Obama going to ease the strangulation of the Palestinian people? Is he going to allow Iran to become a regional power? Is he going to pull out of Afghanistan? Is He going to respect Russia’s backyard? Is he going to stop the expansion of NATO? Obama has already answered „no” to most of these questions, and we can imagine what his answer to the remaining questions is going to be.

Many people believe that he is going to at least withdraw the US troops from Iraq. Will he really be able to do that, without a substantial loss of US influence? We doubt it.

Obama’s choices for his teammates speak for themselves: Joe Biden was a champion for the attack on Iraq. Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel had had attacked Bush for being „too soft” on the Palestinians. One candidate for the secretary of defence is Richard Holbrooke, one of the architects of the war against Yugoslavia, with excellent contacts to the neo-cons. Old Paul Volcker might become responsible for the economy; in the early 80s, he had been one of the chief designers of neo-liberalism. Or Robert Rubin. He had that job under Clinton and was responsible for the deregulation of the banking sector.

The resistance of the disenfranchised is going to continue; thus the permanent war is the sine qua non to preserve US global hegemony. For the extremist Americanism of George W. Bush, the resistance was a nut too hard to crack and it upset the allies, who felt redundant. Bush became a lame duck. Who else than a Black man could render the American Dream credible again? Obama should thus be the better warlord.

The European elites are delighted, from the French socialists to Berlusconi. With a hint to the US president’s „tan”, pro-American policy should sell once again. Those elites are an integral part of the American Empire.

We insist: The beginning of the path to comprehensive human emancipation is the struggle against the American Empire, because it is the actual form of contemporary capitalism.

Anti-Imperialist Camp

November 9th, 2008

2. President-Elect Obama: an English Libertarian View

Posted by: "Dr Sean Gabb"
Sat Nov 8, 2008 7:00 am (PST)
Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 176
8th November 2008

Barack Obama and America's 1997:
Welcome to the Club!
by Sean Gabb

I have been asked by several of my American readers to comment on their
presidential election. I did think to ignore these requests. Having spent
very little time there, I cannot be regarded as an expert on America. Nor
am I particularly fond of the place. I think its war of independence was
brought on less by the Stamp Act than by Lord Mansfield's judgement on
the illegality of slavery at common law. I also think its war between the
states was won by the wrong side. It would have been better for humanity
had the Union been broken up and its member states made into British
satellites. Sadly, the United States survived, and was able to grow into
the mercantilist oligarchy that took the most significant - because
ultimately the most successful - place in the triumvirate of Soviet
communism and European national socialism that ended the hegemony of
English liberalism.

Having considered the request, though, I do have something to say. The
range of opinion about Mr Obama's election seems to be marked at its
limits by the BBC and by organisations like Vdare and American
Renaissance. The former believes he is a fusion of Nelson Mandela and
Martin Luther King, and has turned its news broadcasts into a hymn of
secular joy. The latter believes that he is indeed Messrs Mandela and
Luther King - the real ones, that is, not the constructs of the
politically correct classes - and that he will surround himself with
Black Panther bodyguards and declare Ebonics the official language of

I think both opinions are wrong. The first is not worth commenting on.
The second is wrong because so many American conservatives are still in
shock at the thought of having a black man to rule over them. Mr Obama
got his campaign funds in the usual way - from business interests that
will now want their reward. He will need to operate within a system that
remains dominated by whites. Within a year or so, the non-whites who are
still celebrating his victory will have noticed that nothing much has
changed as it affects their lives, and will be denouncing him as a white
man with a black face.

This is not to say, however, that nothing important has happened.
Something has happened, and it is both important and dreadful for the
American people. America has just had its equivalent of our 1997
revolution. Looking at the eighty four years until then, power in England
had become both more oppressive and less accountable. But the main
features of our Constitution remained in place, and conservatives had
been able to retain sufficient institutional power to slow down the drift
into tyranny. The election of New Labour allowed the wholesale
remodelling of the Constitution, so that little now remains around which
conservatives can unite. I now live in a country where power is less
restrained than at any time since the sixteenth century - where formal
sovereignty has been passed to various foreign agencies, where the media
is controlled, where civil liberties have been casually squashed, where
the armed forces have been made into instruments of an imperial
aggression that brings neither glory to their nation nor better
government to their victims.

So it is now in America. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights
have always been a fraud. From slavery to civil asset forfeiture, they
have never restrained any abuse of power on which the American ruling
class has been determined. But the country is very large, and there has
usually been strong local suspicion of Washington. Given a ruling class
interested mainly in dividing up the profits of commercial privilege, and
prepared to indulge any right that did not get seriously in the way of
this, the American people were left with the appearance, and often the
reality, of much freedom.

The new presidency is no more about having a black man in charge than New
Labour was about having all those Scotch voices in government. It is
about a change in the ruling class. This is the election in which those
whose minds were captured in the 1960s and 1970s by the neo-Marxists have
taken over from their parents. The Clinton presidency was largely a
failure because the new ruling class was still too young, and because the
old ruling class had not grown too old to cling to power - and because
the Clintons were too easy to hate and despise. All is different now. The
new ruling class has no political opposition but a group of
neo-conservatives who disgraced themselves during the Bush presidency,
and who are probably less interested in opposition than in a few
compromises on foreign policy. And it has a figurehead that cannot be
mocked or even criticised without risk of the most horrid accusations.

Mr Obama cannot be more stupid in his actions or more embarrassing in his
utterances than Mr Bush has been. But his essential function as President
will be to shield the new ruling class of America while it carries
through a total transformation of American life. I do not know exactly
how America will change. But I can predict that, come 2016, most
Americans will no longer recognise their country. It will be less free.
It will be less prosperous. It will be less American. What has happened
in England, and what is happening in Australia, will now happen in America.

All this is to be regretted. I think increasingly, however, that if those
who are transforming the English world are to be blamed, those who are
being transformed are no less to be despised. In 1917, power was seized
in Russia by men who were prepared to murder anyone who so much as raised
an eyebrow at them. Whether they murdered thirty million or sixty million
people is important in the obvious sense. Where ensuring absolute
docility of the ruled is concerned, it is the first million who matter.
No one can blame the Russian people for grovelling before Stalin. But
none of the almost equally radical governments that have taken over in
the English world has killed any of its own citizens, or is proposing to
kill any. We have been enslaved by a small minority of intellectuals
whose most potent weapon is words. Any people who can be so enslaved
deserves to be enslaved.

But I am about to digress. I will only say for now that the American
people deserve Barack Obama. To some extent, he is their punishment for
tolerating, if not welcoming, eight years of George W. Bush. More
generally, they are about to lose nothing more than they have long since
abdicated their right to possess.

So, welcome, America - welcome to the New Labour Club.

NB-Sean Gabb's book, Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives
Lost England, and How to Get It Back, can be downloaded for free from Any American who wants to understand the nature
of the Obama Revolution should buy a copy.

14 listopad 2008

Marek Głogoczowski 



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