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Żydzi tradycjonaliści przeciwko syjonistom 
Charlie Sheen & Alex Jones on 9/11 
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Celem serwisu jest umożliwienie obywatelom wyrażenia swojej woli w najważniejszych dla nich sprawach. 
Wszystko pod kontrolą 
Od zawsze służby specjalne kontrolowały rzekome niezaplanowane spotkania oficjeli z obywatelami.
Przykład podstawionego Putina - jako przypadkowego przechodnia.
Ameryka: Od Wolności do faszyzmu 
Amerykanie zaczynają rozumieć - co się dzieje z ich krajem. O tym mówi film pod wskazanym linkiem. 
Cała prawda o ataku z 11 września 
Jeden z filmów usułujących przedstawić prawdę i ataku z 11 września 2001 roku 
Fantastyczny zespół - poruszający ważne problemy społeczne stworzył bardzo dosadną piosenkę, będącą miksem wywiadu telewizyjnego z śpiewem zespołu. 
Strzeżcie się Obamy 
Kto naprawdę stoi za Barakiem Obamą? 
Kto mordował w Katyniu 
Izraelska gazeta „Maariv” z 21 lipca 1971 r. wyjawia końcowy sekret katyńskiej masakry. 
Kaczyński również nas w to wciągnął 
Zbrodnie wojskowe w Iraku 
Ostatni mit (o polityce sowieckiej) 
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki  
Wołyń 1943. sł. muz. Lech Makowiecki. Utwór z płyty "Patriotyzm" 
"Quo Vadis Polonia?" Lech Makowiecki  
Cała prawda o World Trade Center 
Filmik dokumentalny przedstawiający wydarzenia z 11 września 2001 roku. 
Na straży wolności: Goldman Sachs  
Gerald Celente i John Stossel rozmawiają z sędzią Napolitano o różnych, nie do końca jasnych powiązaniach, między amerykańskimi bankami i rządem USA. Największe podejrzenia budzi bank Goldman Sachs, który ma dziwną nadreprezentację we władzach rządowych. Dla przypomnienia, dodam, że pracownikiem tego banku jest były premier RP, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, a bank był zamieszany w spekulacje na złotówce. 
Przedsiębiorstwo holokaust 
Telewizyjny wywiad z Normanem Finkelsteinem 
Zakrzyczana prawda 
Mamy 2010 rok a zbrodniarze którzy doprowadzili do wielu wojen i kryzysu światowego w w dalszym ciągu - z tupetem - niczym Josef Goebbels kłamią w oczy w kwestii sytuacji gospodarczej świata i Stanów Zjednoczonych
"patriotyzm" po 1989 roku 
komentarz zbędny 
Wielkie pytania o 9/11 
Strona poświęcona analizie wydarzeń z 11 września 2001 
Strona Krzysztofa Wyszkowskiego 
Strona domowa Krzystofa Wyszkowskiego 
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St. Paul as “Godfather” of Capitalist Super State

My remote correspondent, professor of geoscience and of ethics, Siegfried Tischler, working at present in Indonesia, asked me recently: “You have set me thinking that it was the JUDAIZATION of science that lead us to where we are. But SOPHISTS started it all. Already then education was something to be had for a buck! In a social system where knowledge equals power, buck equals knowledge ... this cat has eaten its tail and is now starting to get into real unsavoury stuff!”

This question arrived at my PC together with an another similar question, this time posed by philo-marxist and philo-Russian Eric Wallberg, who for several years dwelled in Tashkhent in Ouzbekistan. He asked our living Encyclopedist (in the positive sense given by Diderot) Peter Myers from Australia: “I am researching an article on the misuse of the bible in archeology. I remember reading a very revealing letter by a Rothschild boasting that the Js invented Christianity as a J sect for the goys, the better to control them with. Can anyone give me an url or a quotable version of this?”

Peter M. commented it in a following way: “I don’t believe that. It is a common view in Nazi circles, but wrong. Judaism was once a major proselytsing religion in the Roman Empire; it was only the schism caused by Christianity, and the loss of many of the converts to it, which put an end to such missionary activity. (...) Before the uprising (against Romans 66-70 AD), the Jewish faction of Christianity (the James faction) had been dominant. They tried to have Paul, the leader of the Hellenistic faction, executed; (...) The Fall of Jerusalem to the Roman army in 70AD, and the destruction of the Second Temple, enabled the "Hellenistic" faction, associated with Paul and Rome, to triumph over the "Jewish" faction, associated with James and Jerusalem.”

As the differentia specifica, between “Christianism” and “Judaism” is considered, it is worth to quote the opinion of Tom White from Odessa in Texas (USA): “I agree with Peter Myers that the theory that Christianity is Judaism for Goys is simply not true. Christ was and is a radical negation of the Pharisaic and finally Talmudic stance ... The Lord Christ invalidated the Pharisaic program once and for all—and got killed (temporarily) for it.”

To this remark I may add one more opinion on difference between “Jesus’ Christianity” and “Judaist/Pharisaic program”. According to Jesus quoted in Gospels “You cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve the God and Mammon”. I’ve lost the name of author of this opinion from the memory of my PC, but this distinction is known since Antiquity. Already the Roman Emperor Hadrian, in a letter to his nephew, wrote that “Jews and rich Christians claim that they worship unique God (named Serapis in Egypt at his time), while they worship Money”. Also Karl Marx in “Zur Judefrage” from 1844 observed that “Money is the secular god of Jews, and this Jewish God (in modern times) become the god of the world”.

How do, in light of these two quoted above, net distinctions, we shall see activities of this, triumphant especially in Western Christianity, apparently "Hellenistic” faction, associated with Paul and Rome? Tom White writes “The Lord Christ invalidated the Pharisaic program once and for all”. In all evidence he ignores that the self appointed apostle Paul was, until his death, a member of the Pharisee Sect, proud of his Pharisee ancestors and brought up in Jerusalem under the guidance of rabbi Gama’liel (see Acts 22, 3 to 23, 8; these antique Jerusalem rabbis – the famous Ben Akiva is the best example – collected money for their teachings, so they shall be considered ‘sophists’ in the understanding of Fried Tischler.)

Has the program of Pharisee Sect impregnated St. Paul’s letters? In all evidence it has, and all these convinced “Christians”, who give credence to duplicity saturated writings of this self-appointed apostle, willy-nilly invalidate all 77, reported in Gospels, curses of Jesus of Nazareth against “Pharisees and Scribes, who look beautifully from outside, like whitewashed tombs, but inside they are full of bones of the dead and of all vermin”. I will skip here the problem of faith in the resurrection of (vermin consumed) corpses, which faith, thanks to efforts of Paul, Christians inherited from Pharisees (Jewish Sadeucees were not believing in it). I will concentrate myself exclusively on the question of Money, which in our times “turns the world round”, as says it an American popular song.

St. Paul indeed, in one of his minor Letters (I Timothy 6, 10) warns against the seduction of Money “For the money is the root of all evils, it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs.”. This observation is completely rational, and it is one of these rare ones, which are in concordance with Jesus’ teachings. But in other Letters, in particular in “Letter to Colossans” this self-appointed apostle reveals himself as a “secret friend” of Rich People – it means of landlords, merchants, moneylenders, highly positioned bureaucrats, and of all this social class, which communists in 19-th century called “bourgeois”. He writes: “Slaves, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in singleness of heart, fearing the Lord. Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord not men ... you are serving the Lord Christ.” (Col. 3, 22)

What such “ennoblement by the name of Christ”, of the work of slaves, means in practice? Slave owners, by a definition, are rich people, and thus they have a “natural” tendency to acquire more riches. In this respect nothing has changed since Antiquity. In this situation “God fearing” slaves, which “serve their earthly masters in singleness of heart”, naively believing that they are “serving the Lord Christ”, automatically participate in the construction of the Global Kingdom of Mammon, passionately constructed by their earthly masters.

This is not the only deceit hidden in the quoted above, apparently “virtuous” commandment of St. Paul. Already the Greek philosopher Aristotle observed that behaviors, which are frequently repeated, are becoming habits, which men perform without even thinking about it. This means that a docile and “singlehearted” servant changes, with years of training, into a “natural slave”, who behaves “like an inanimate object, doing something without thinking why he is doing it”. This well known, biological phenomenon of “slavery of habits”, assures that people trying to follow Paul’s order “to work not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in singleness of mind” develop the tendency to transform themselves into mindless robots, doing whatever their earthly (at present, thanks to the stock exchange, ever more anonymous) “lords” demand them to do. Putting these Aristotelian remarks into terms of modern ‘psy-ops’ practices, we find that Paul’s teaching “in obedience is your freedom” has given an inspiration to the famous inscription “Arbeit macht Frei” drawn at the Auschwitz Konzentrations Lager in years 1940-45. And also to the Eng-soc slogan “Slavery is Freedom” repeated incessantly in George Orwell’s satirical book “Year 1984”.

This is not the only one Orwellian slogan, which antique “vicar of Christ” have managed to inoculate into the Christian canon of reasoning. The slogan “Ignorance is Strength” is perceptible too in “Letters” of Paul. This appraisal of absurdity (“cedo quia absurdum”) begins with an exclamation “Where is the wise man?Where is scribe? Where is debater of this age? Has not the God made foolish the wisdom of the world? ... For Jews demand signs and Greek seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and a folly to Gentiles”, and is continuing with the bold statement of a professional Ignorant “I decided to know nothing among you but Christ, and him crucified”. (In fact the whole first chapter of “I Letter to Corinthians” is consecrated to the theme “in our Ignorance is our Strength”).

St. Paul was right in his observation that “Greek seek wisdom”, but he kept under silence that for Hellenists the persistence in ignorance was the sign of an evil character: these which were avoiding to enlarge their horizons, were considered to be men deprived of higher brain functions, which push mature people to reflect what is the true Beauty and Goodness. It is evident that Paul, as “apostle” of Ugliness, Ignorance and Evil, had managed to find co-believers among goys, but he found them, as noticed it Roman philosopher Celsus, among low class criminals, swindlers and microcephalians, evidently seduced by the perspective of “instant redemption” of their sins by an ugly act of of Christ crucification. I do not know what the “Jewish” Christian faction of James in Jerusalem had against Saul/Paul, but I suppose that they were sure that the sudden conversion of “breathing threats and murder” procurer Saul, into “preaching sweet love” apostle Paul, was a fake, a trick so commonly performed by used to change their “outer skin” (and names) ambitious Jews.

All this suggests that converso Paul, who according to Peter Myers was “the leader of the Hellenistic faction”, was in fact a DEHELLENIZING AGENT among naive gentile Christians. This his vocation of “judaiser of gentiles”, making out of them “replacement Jews”, Paul explains overtly in his “Letter to Romans”:.. if the root (of judaism) is holy, so are the branches. But if some of the branches were broken of, and you a wild olive shoot, were grafted in their place to share the richness of the olive tree, do not boast over branches. If you boast, remember it is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you, etc” (Rom. 11, 16-22.).

Once we assimilate this important information about the origin of Paul’s mission, the subsequent works of Fathers of the Church become transparent. Christian scribes – like Clemens of Alexandria and later Aurelius Augustin – were these, despised by Fried Tischler, Greek (and/or Roman) professional sophists, well trained in transforming ordinary Dummheiten and lies into the noble Wisdom and Truth pleasing their “Lord”. Of course these antique “Christian sophists” did it or for money, or for the glory attached to social positions they obtained in this ignoble way: for example, the known for his sporty manner of life, Augustin has become, thanks to his writings on "Christian doctrine", the prestigious bishop of Hippona. (3 years ago I wrote a lengthy paper in English on this topic titled “Lord of Ignorance and his Opus dei”.)

Moreover, we shall not forget that the “Invisible hand”, which systematically was pushing Christian leaders towards ever more pronounced judaisation, was (and still it is – see the works of the defunct John Paul II) belonging to the same Sect of Pharisees, which two thousand years ago sponsored Paul’s mission among gentiles. This sect of “Aaronites”, was (and supposedly still is) counting roughly 7000 secret members (St. Paul points, in Romans 11, 4, at this number of “these who have not bowed the knee to Baal”). According to one of my readers in Poland, this antique/medieval/modern sect of conversos from Spain migrated to Netherlands and than to Cromwell’s England, and at present it forms the “invisible” core of the Secret World Government, with its headquarters in the City of London (see the Attachment).

Let us conclude. The Christianity had (and still has) its “Greek cultural outfit”, present in particular among vanishing at present (in destroyed by USA Iraq) Nestorians, negating the full redemption of sins by the crucification of Christ. But the more “paulinist” Christianity was becoming, the more Judeaised it was. This is well visible in life habits of Protestants, heavily relying on Paul’s teachings, and thus living for Work (Labor – the spirit of death). As observed it Max Weber, there were not so much orthodox Jews, by Christian laws kept away from affairs of European States, but orthodox Protestants who started, by their permission to open Christian banks and stock exchanges, the capitalist industrialization (and thus devastation) of the Earth.

Once the fall of anti-mammonist (and thus automatically, anti-Judaist) Soviet communism was orchestrated by “British Invisibles”, the aggressive mammonization (monetarisation) of all the world was resumed, after the lasting for the whole 75 years period of delay. In particular these cultures, which are the most affected by “paulinist” indoctrination (“you shall not resist evil”, “you shall obey your masters, whatever they do!”) are most prone to become an easy prey for “Jews”. And this, growing out of the “holy root of Judaism” (Romans 11, 16) social cancer will – with no doubt, for this is the Law of Biology ignored by Torah – entirely destroy our Planet. Such “happy end” is in fact predicted in the schizophrenic “Revelation" of St. John, which symbolically ends the Deutero Testament of Idiots (in Greek it denominates utterly selfish, asocial individuals), and Cretins (this term was derived from old French chrétiens, Christians).

M.G., Zakopane, 10-11-2007
10 listopad 2007

Marek Głogoczowski 



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