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Charlie Sheen & Alex Jones on 9/11 
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Historia kontroli bankowej w USA 
Dyktatura banków i ich system zadłużający, nie są ograniczone do jednego kraju, ale istnieją w każdym kraju na świecie.  
Zakrzyczana prawda 
Mamy 2010 rok a zbrodniarze którzy doprowadzili do wielu wojen i kryzysu światowego w w dalszym ciągu - z tupetem - niczym Josef Goebbels kłamią w oczy w kwestii sytuacji gospodarczej świata i Stanów Zjednoczonych
Żydzi tradycjonaliści przeciwko syjonistom 
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Tytułowa piosenka z płyty "Mój dom, mój świat" powstała tuż po obaleniu rządu Olszewskiego.
O ile refren podobał się wszystkim, o tyle zwrotki - niekoniecznie... Stąd opóźniona o prawie 20 lat premiera teledysku ... 
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Wielkie pytania o 9/11 
Strona poświęcona analizie wydarzeń z 11 września 2001 
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99% tez dotyczących religii, polityki i ekonomii i filozofii się pokrywa z tezami Topowa strona. 
Cała prawda o ataku z 11 września 
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Przedsiębiorstwo holokaust 
Telewizyjny wywiad z Normanem Finkelsteinem 
Tym - którzy interesują się losami Świata nie ma potrzeby przedstawiać Davida Icke. Tym ktorzy do tej pory spali umysłowo ta strona może otworzyć oczy.  
Pomylił Chrześcijaństwo z Judaizmem 
Skandaliczna niewiedza Prezydenta USA, czy też raczej perfidna prowokacja?
W przemówieniu Baracj Obama opisuje Chrześcijaństwo odwołaniami do Judaizmu.  
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A comment to the 4-th Conference “Dialogue of Civilizations” at Rhodes, Sept. 27-30, 2006

A comment to the 4-th Conference “Dialogue of Civilizations” at Rhodes, Sept. 27-30, 2006

dr Marek Glogoczowski, PL ( )

At the end of September this year I was for the second time invited at the Isle of Rhodes, to participate in a big international gathering of men (and women) of politics, science and religion, this last predominantly of Christian Orthodox and Moslem creed. Our meeting had the official title “Dialogue of Civilizations” (in abbr “DoC”.) and was organized already for the 4-th time by the Moscow’s Center of National Glory of Russia, with the help of the revue “World Affairs” from New Delhi, India, and “Titan Capital Corp.” from Greece.

Already during the first plenary session of our conference we heard the complaint of former Foreign Affairs Minister from Egypt that despite his participation, in the last decade, in 26 international meetings of the “DoC” type, nothing positive – in terms of trends of the present geopolitics – resulted from these gatherings. This Egyptian politician voice was somehow echoed during the closing plenary session of our conference, in the speech of the retired director of Max Planck Physics Institute in Germany, professor Hans Peter Durr. His exposé was centered on cognitive achievements of ultra-modern physics, consisting of the „neo-Democritian” postulate of existence of “haps”, dynamic micro-particles, which behave in a haphazardeous, impossible to predict manner. This “achievement” of ultra-modern physics was summarized the best by the chief organizer of our meeting from the Russian side, Vladimir Yakunin, who repeated the famous statement of Socrates “so we know that we know nothing”.

1. The reversal of the emigration trends in the New World

Despite the pessimism, emanating from these plenary speeches, the valuable information was shared during meetings in small sections. I participated in a session discussing the problem of recent mass migrations, where results of several interesting research works were presented, in particular of these done in Southern America. According to data presented, in last two decades we observed the inversion of migratory trends between Europe and Latin America: at present the “New World” for Southern Americans become the Old Europe, especially the Spain (for people from Equator) and Italy (for former Italian immigrants to Argentina).

As these recent migrations are considered, it is of interest to recall that immediately after the 2WW, the mass emigration of Italians to Argentina was encouraged by occupying the Italy, USA authorities, judging that the “dilution” of Italian working class will diminish this country willingness to accept the communist rule – as it happen in the nearby Greece, where Anglo-American military intervention was necessary to suppress the communist uprising. At present it is the Southern America at the risk of communist “contamination”, so in all evidence still the same “Pan-American” authorities expect to dilute pro-socialist ambitions of Latin Americans by “exporting” more enterprising people towards stabilized at present Old Europe. This holds also in case of the recent mass “siphoning” of educated youth from recently “liberated” Eastern Europe, about which phenomenon I gave a short lecture, which I quote in the Addendum to this report.

2. The perversion of notions of “paradise” and “hell” in case of India

Mass migrations, which significantly accelerated once the Soviet Union become dismantled, surely are not “haphazardous” events, and already during our plenary sessions we heard voices, which (for an instructed and observant participants) were permitting to predict, what kind of future we shall expect outside luxury walls of our “Paradise Royal Mare Hotel” at Rhodes. I have in mind in particular the colorful expose of the chief rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, who choose to speak, to the predominantly Russian public, in English. He indirectly demonstrated in this way wherefrom directing his words Authority originates. (If one is ignorant of this, I have to repeat, after baron Edward Hodos, the Predseda – the Head – of the Liberated Jewish Community in Ukrainian Kharkiv, that in early 1990ies all more significant personalities of the Jewish community of defunct USRR were prepared for their task in Chabad Lubawitch headquarters situated at Brooklyn, New York. About this cabal informed us Hodos during the “DoC” conference organized by MAUP in Kiew in late May 2004, and gave me at this occasion his book “Kagda Jewrei maschirujut” – When Jews are marching in. In this overtly antisemitic booklet he claims that dominated by Jewish oligarchs Russia of today forms “The Third Khazarstan” he hates. In his opinion these Russian oligarchs, which are at present in exile, or in a prison – Bierezovski, Gusinski and Chodorkovski – are these ones, which disobeyed Chabad, the Orthodox Jewish Cabal, organized by Lubawitcher Rabbi Schneerson, which seems to be equally influential in USA* as in Russia of today.)

Bearing a big black hat Rabbi Lazar centered his speech on the most important commandment of his religion, namely “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. In order to illustrate how the realization of this, present already in teachings of Moses, commandment may make everybody happy, he developed an allegory of a Heaven and Hell, both places in form of looking identically luxury hotels. In these “Paradise Royal Mare” type places their inmates receive excellent food while sitting at long tables, but to serve themselves they receive utensils having their handles so long, that they are not able to eat with them. And of course inmates of the Hell suffer out of hunger, unable to consume the food in front of them, while these of Heaven, with their extra long spoons and forks, feed neighbors in front of them, changing their enclosure into a happy, luxury camp of feeding themselves mutually consumers.

Reflecting upon this impressing the audience allegory, I found that this comparison is somewhat artificial, and moreover that I personally was for more than a day in the rabbi Lazar’s imagined “hell”. It was in 1978, when I traveled for the first time in India in a long distance train, where I got a meal, but no spoon nor fork to eat it. As I discovered at the occasion, Indians simply use their fingers to make a kind of rolls from rice, sauce and meat, which they subsequently swallow. Unfortunately I was unable to imitate them and I had to stay hungry, looking at the plate with food in front of me. I managed to force myself to pick the plain rice only, during my thousand miles long travel from Bombay to Patna in Northern India. This my old adventure indicates that the “hell”, imagined by the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, is still the normal life for one sixth of the human population of our Globe.

3. The reversal of the notion of “good” and “evil” in mature interpretations of biblical texts

In a very similar manner are culturally biased other Judeo-Christian concepts what is good and what is evil, especially when we start to compare them with concepts of earlier, at present nearly eradicated, civilizations. At the end of his speech Rabbi Lazar reminded us that despite the given by God commandment “love your neighbor”, people immediately began to disobey it, and Cain murdered his brother Abel. Normally we consider Cain to be “evil” and Abel to be “righteous”, and even in Gospels, Abel is considered by Jesus to be an innocent and righteous person. But it exists an another, more mature version of the Holy Bible, explaining the of origin of Cain’s haphazadous crime. About this version informed us 3 years ago the internationally known specialist of British analytical philosophy Michal Hempolinski, during the conference “Education for the future” organized at my Pomeranian Academy of Pedagogy. Hempolinski explained that from his friends in Israel he got a very ancient text of “Genesis”, which suggests that Abel was killed accidentally, during fraternal “dialogue of civilizations”. Cain simply intended to stop his soulless, barbarian brother in performing the ritual holocaust, which according to Bible was producing “a pleasing odour to the LORD” (see Leviticus 3, 5 and similar). I may add to this ancient interpretation that it is quite possible that Cain by inadvertence killed Abel with the very same knife, which his “righteous” brother used to perform his bloody and cruel sacrifices!

Such an explanation of Cain’s-Abel’s “Dialogue of Civilizations” reverses entirely our understanding what shall we considered as “wrong” and what as “right” in the behavior of Biblical heroes. At the same time it makes the behavior of Cain coherent with enounced in this Bible commandment “love your brother”: as a representative of a peaceful agricultural society, Cain despised all unnecessary bloodshed, His “Apollonian”, philo-zoological habit of only vegetal offerings for Gods was adopted in Antiquity by the powerful aristocratic Pythagorean Order. This holocausts hating Pythagorean culture found its followers in Israel too, in religious practices of the Essenian sect, which under Roman protection somehow managed to thrive at outskirts of Jerusalem’s Temple-Slaughterhouse of Animal Expiatory Holocausts.

Professor Hempolinski insisted during our conference in Slupsk that the Old Testament is literally soaked with blood, and he gave me at the occasion an article in English on this topic, which he published in Switzerland, in a pro-ecological “Journal de Franz Weber” monthly. Unfortunately this despised, by the Church in Poland, professor emeritus was murdered last year in a park in Szczecin (Stettin) by unknown, until now, perpetrators. My colleagues philosophers, who knew him better than I did, speculated that Hempolinski’s fate was similar to the fate of the Jewish philosopher Baruch (d’E)Spinoza in Netherlands four centuries ago, who narrowly escaped death from hands of his former co-religionists, hating Spinoza’s public statements that “there is no truth in the Bible”.

The another well known biblical history of intended bloody homicide provides us the story of “righteous” Abram/Abraham. This Father of Nations in all evidence completely disregarded the God’s commandment “love your son as you love yourself”, when he tried to kill – probably with the same kind of a knife which used Abel – his adolescent son Isaac. An even stronger discrepancy between present in Torah “God’s humanitarian commandments”, and the behavior of God’s Chosen People, we find in the behavior of Moses himself, who not only organized the plunder, by Jews, of their Egyptian neighbors (Ex. 12, 35-36), but who also ordered his clan of Levies to commit the murder, during the sleep, of thousands of Levies “brothers and sons”, which refused to worship the hand carved Idol of Stone Tablets (Ex. 32, 27-29).

Judging after these systematic discrepancies between ‘Principles’ of Old Testamental (OT) teachings, and ‘Acts’ of heroes of this specific Book of God’s Instructions, we may safely postulate that the hidden name of the divinity, which voice Moses supposedly heard in the flaming bush at the desert, is DUPLICIOUS, the God of Duplicity, in abbreviation “GoD”.

4. The Principle of the “Civilization under GoD”, and its ultra-modern applications

Once we are armed in the knowledge of the name of the divinity, which message saturates the Judeo-Christian Bible, we can easily understand Principles of Civilization, which OT worshippers try to install worldwide. For example the biblical Jacob knew of course the commandment “feed your hungry brother as you would feed yourself in case of hunger”. But he was also conscient that he may become GoD’s blessed only when he extorts, for a dish of soup of lentils, the birthrights from his hungry brother Esau. For Cunning Jacob, as well as for whole tribe of Israelites blessed by this Patriarch’s Act of Extortion, famous Ten Commandments were/are merely the described in the Old Testament “shield”, which is supposed to reflect all bad associations concerning the behavior of GoD’s Chosen Flock.

The method of “cunning Jacob”, of an effortless acquisition of property and wealth belonging to others, become with time ever more popular among reading carefully the Bible Christians, too. They concluded that it is sufficient:

1. To elaborate appropriately attractive “principles” (“Universal Human Rights” for ex.), which serve as a shield-mirror reflecting all accusations of the fraud to be committed.

2. It is necessary to build luxury “mouse traps” in the form of Royal Mare Paradise enclaves, where artificially made hungry clients are seduced by abundance of “meals” served.

3. Of course these clients, appropriately prepared for this by surrounding them wives (Raisa Gorbie!) and other influence agents, will wholeheartedly sell, for a proverbial plate of lentils, remaining at their disposition familial and national treasures to soliciting these riches cunning imitators of biblical Jacob-Israel. Exactly as did it recently, eagerly abandoning their outdated “communist” outfits, incredibly stupid “pro-capitalist” bosses of the defunct Soviet Empire.

And that’s everything. The lure of “Paradise (or Heaven) Now” becomes omnipresent in the oncoming Unique Civilization. This “Super” Civilization is installed worldwide both by the orthodox rabbi Lazar from Moscow, and the “liberated” (from the obligation of wearing the black hat) baron Hodos from Kharkiv. The first one in all evidence is linked with the Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn NY, and thus with so called neo-cons controlling at present the USA geopolitics (see *); the second goes hand-in-hand with Soros-Brzezinski NED Fundation in Washington D.C. These two shadowy organizations are like “right” and “left” hands – or rather “clamps” – of the same Monstrous Cancer. This “humanoid” Leviathan since times of (deutero)Isaiah, (and than Saul/Paul “evangelizing travels”), is trying to eradicate all the Reason, which is still preserved in cultures, which we have inherited from “pre-modern” past. Here I will concentrate not on Islam, nor Chinese political philosophy, which I barely know, but on the antique Marcionist heresy, which argued that Moses was the prophet of evil.

As pointed it the Pope Benedict XVI during his recent speech at the University of Regensburg on Sept. 12, 2006, the Catholic creed is strongly supported, in its external appearance, by Reason. Benedict XVI repeated, after the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleolog, that “an action incompatible with Reason is something contrary to the nature of God”. But only few verses after this declaration the present Pope admitted that the Greek Reason (λόγoς) should be considered as a mere tool helping the implementation of the Revelation brought to the world by Hebrew prophets. He said literally this: “The process inside Old Testament, which started from the burning bush, and which got the new maturity during the period of Exodus, when the God of Israel, which at this time was deprived of land and of (places of) cult, become preached as the God of heaven and earth, described in a simple formula pronounced at the burning bush ‘I am’.”

As we argued earlier, the Supreme Reason (ΛΌΓOΣ) suggests that escaping the persecution, Hebrew terrorist named Moses, with his mind disturbed by a prolonged loneliness, near the desert bush (it is a kind of a desert plant, which indeed, makes from a distance an impression of “burning”), heard in his head the voice, which he associated with His Master’s Voice. But of course the “cunning Moses”, imitating his forefather Jacob, omitted to report to noting his adventures scribes that the full message he heard was: “I AM THE GOD OF TERROR, OF PLUDNER AND OF DECEIT, AND ONLY BY OBEYING MY DOUBLE FACED COMMANDMENTS YOU WILL INHERIT THE EARTH. (And I hate all these straightforward “like animals” followers of Pythagoras, Jesus of Nazareth, Marcion, Mani, Nestorius, Muhammad and Karl Marx, which claim that the true God is not only STRAIGHT, but that it is also able to play down all cabals, which I, YHWH, so laboriously have set up)”.

Of course all people, which are mature enough to understand what the true Reason (ΛΌΓOΣ) means, are obligated to try to teach our bishops, pastors and even rabbis, what was the Full Message, which the “GoD blessed” Moses heard, hallucinating in the desert heat near the burning bush. Otherwise our Earth will ineluctably turn into a true, full of premeditated fires, hell. What is awaiting us in the nearby future was illustrated the best during this 2006 summer “holidays” at the New Frontier between Israel and reluctant to “modernize” Lebanon. As postulated it Rabbi Lazar in his description of “Heaven”, both sides of this “fraternal dialogue” were feeding their partners with best arguments they had at their disposition: descendants of Jacob “fed” the population of Lebanon with bunker buster and cassette bombs, the Hizbulach in turn was realising the “love your brother” principle with salvos of Katiusha missiles, which burned down practically all forests in Northern Israel. Moreover, Lebanese fighters have managed to change invading their country super-modern Israeli MAARIV tanks into mobile altars, where ritual holocausts were performed from Israel’s primogenital sons, releasing “a pleasing odour to the LORD”.

M.G. Oct. 14, 2006

* From Proclamation by the President of the United States of America on April 19, 2005:
(...) Education and Sharing Day honors the memory of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who established education and outreach centers that offer social services and humanitarian aid around the world. (...) NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim April 20, 2005, as Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.

(source: )

Addendum. My short speech during the “DoC” Conference at Rhodes, Sept. 2006:

Cultural, social and economical problems in Eastern Europe caused by the recent mass emigration, in particular of the educated youth

The sudden and generally unexpected disintegration of the Soviet Empire 15 years ago, might be compared to the sudden “implosion” of dominating in the landscape of New York WTC skyscrapers on Sept. 11 2001. The attributed to the impact of only 2 passenger planes, downfall of these 3 towers (no 1, 2 and 7), has provoked a truly global reaction in a form of an American devastation of Afghanistan and than Iraq, with the Iran becoming ready for the reception of Americano-Israeli nuclear “grapes of wrath”.

In countries, which suddenly abandoned the Marxist economical dogma we witness socio-economical changes, which several authors compared to devastation caused by a prolonged war. In particular we observe the rapid decrease of the size of population of countries affected by “economical reforms”, which loss of the fertility overlaps with the massive emigration towards more prosperous centers of the West. This trend become reinforced once several former Eastern Block countries entered the European Union 2,5 years ago. My former students, which 4 years ago got “Master” degree in geography at the Pomeranian Pedagogical Academy, have calculated that out of their “team” of 40 graduates in 2002 only 10 persons still live in Poland, while 30 other “Masters” work, performing odd jobs, in hipermarkets and bars of more affluent EU countries, principally in England.

According to official EU statistics, in Poland the unemployment of youth at the age of 25 years old is about 40 %, while in countries of “old” EU the unemployment at this age seldom rises above 10 %. No wonder thus that in London today hundreds of thousands of young Poles are earning their lives, and that on the remote Nordic island of Iceland, having the endogenous population of 270 thousand of people, in last two years arrived 50 thousands of Poles, seeking life conditions which will be easier for them than in their sunny fatherland. I was told by a high functionary of Polish Foreign Ministry that up to now Icelanders are happy with Polish newcomers, and that British government even calculated financial profits it has made by opening Britain for hundreds of thousands of job seeking people from “new” countries of EU.

Predictably, the impact of the loss of Polish youth on their “motherland” is much less blessed. Practically in all Poland (with the exception of Wielkopolska Region) we see farmlands abandoned, and if we ask village dwellers, wherefrom they have their means of subsistence, this including new cars and renovated houses, it turns out that fathers of these apparently affluent families work on farms in Germany or Italy, frequently in conditions resembling true “concentration camps”, as it was recently disclosed in public. We can see, in this particular case, how symptoms of external wealth of Polish migrant workers are combined with deconstruction of their traditional way of life. Due to this, artificially organized mass emigration, which both in Poland and in Ukraine affects about 15 % of population, previously very strong family ties are loosen or even lost, children are raised not seeing their parents for months, the number of divorces soars, and so on. The worse of all, the feeling of patriotism and of a devotion for the country, which in my generation was very strong, must at present quickly vanish. What kind of fatherland it is, the supposedly “free” land, which authorities do everything in order to “kick out” its adolescents towards distant, cool countries, which in the past performed better in the merciless affair of accumulation of capital?

The “post-communist”, artificial creation of unemployment, which in Poland since more than a decade oscillates around 20 %, creates the high level of interpersonal tension and crime, and at the same time it produces thousands of military “volunteers”, eager to engage themselves as mercenaries in subsequent wars lead by the “Axis of Idiocy”, as English publicist Ian Buckley called the “Unholy Alliance” of USA-GB-Israel. Very recently Polish “democratic tandem” of rulers Kaczynski & Kaczynski (President & Premier) practically the same day promised the Israeli government to send thousand Polish soldiers to damp Hizbullach in Lebanon, and offered the American government an another thousand of mercenaries to fight Talibans in Afghanistan. All this of course at the expense of Polish taxpayers, which trained by anti-communist “Solidarity” populace, with a surprising docility accepts all demands of their “Twin Lord” from Washington and Tel Aviv.

Here I am coming to the point. The whole socio-economic program of “liberalism”, which already since 300 years is being practiced in Anglo-Saxon world, consists of manufacturing of material appearances of “wealth”, and of creation behind these shinning appearances of a totally “asocial society”, where true, long term friendships and other gratuitous interpersonal contacts are practically absent. And this model of a cool society, of individuals forming “isolated monads” – as called it Karl Marx already in 1844 in his remarkable essay “Zur Judefrage” – is proposed at present to be applied worldwide. The “guru” of recent Eastern European reformers, F. A. von Hayek, from London School of Economics, in an article written already in 1939 argued that the constant intermixture of populations is the best protection against wars between states, for it dissolves interpersonal bonds, which are particularly strong inside “closed” territorial units (1). And predictably – from the Marxist point of view – the effect exactly opposite to “liberal wishful thinking” was obtained, once Eastern European countries become “opened”, and integrated into a multi-culti European Union. The “economic atomization” of individuals, imposed by neo-liberal politics, reinforced the social strive to amass as much wealth as possible, creating new armies of mercenaries, eager to serve the master which pays them the best. This reality automatically amplified the natural drive of the “liberal, civil society” towards unending wars for resources, and for new territories of commercial expansion.

There is even more frightening, but completely unnoticed by the Corporation of Mercenary Scientists, aspect of the present neo-liberal unification of previously diversified economic cultures. As I stressed it already during a seminar in Vienna hold nearly 4 years ago (2), the organized by ideologues of neo-liberalism, purposeful intermixture of populations logically must lead to the appearance of a social “neoplasm”, having the characteristics of an ordinary cancer. “Researchers specialized in cancerology know that one of methods of induction of tumors is the artificial intermixture of various tissues, especially of these coming from different organisms. In this situation cells cannot “recognize” their neighbors, and thus they start to consider them as “aliens”. Instead of a perfect intercellular collaboration (which characterizes the healthy tissue) these rare cells, which retained their embryonic tendency for an unhindered growth, begin to proliferate, stealing nutrition from those ones, which have lost their juvenile “plasticity”, and which become solidly trained to perform collective activities characterizing mature tissues.” This (neo)plasticity of modern “mercenaries of capital”, eager to perform any job, is the greatest danger, which the world faces in the 21st century: the uniformly “Americanized” societies are spontaneously changing into robotized “bio-machines”, directed at the exploitation, consumption, and turning into rubbish of all earth’s animate and inanimate riches.

(1) F. A. von Hayek in “Economic Conditions of International Federation” first published in 1939 wrote:

Economic boundaries create regional common interests, where interpersonal bonds are particularly strong. This causes that all conflicts of interests are conflicts between these same groups of men, and not conflicts between groups constantly changing their composition. In this way appears a situation, in which parts of the conflict are inhabitants of a given country, and not diverse individuals bound with interests once with one group, against the second, and on an another occasion, with the second against the first one. (...) It is thus evident that in the interest of the whole, taken in a larger way, these groupings shall not be durable, and in particular they shall not overlap with the territorial division, identifying themselves in a durable way with inhabitants of a given region. (The text above is the translation from Polish edition of a collection of von Hayek essays “Individualism and Economic Order”, 1996.)

(2) Marek Glogoczowski “Western Concepts of Social Order: from “European Corporation” of A. Comte (1842) to “Global Tumor” of F.A. von Hayek (1939)”. The lecture given at the International Round Table on Regional Groupings and their Impact on International Relations, Vienna, Austria, 6-9 December 2002. (Text to be found at and; also in a book “The Impact of Regional Groupings On International Relations”, Jamahir Society for Culture and Philosophy, Vienna 2004, Austria.)

16 padziernik 2006

Marek Glogoczowski 



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