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Czy celem szczepień jest unicestwienie USA? 
“To, czego KPCh pragnie najbardziej, to aby amerykańscy żołnierze zostali zaszczepieni...
Po zaszczepieniu wojsk amerykańskich, mówię wam, szczepienie przeciwko wirusowi KPCh będzie w znacznym stopniu bliska końca”. 
Cała prawda o World Trade Center 
Filmik dokumentalny przedstawiający wydarzenia z 11 września 2001 roku. 
Żydzi tradycjonaliści przeciwko syjonistom 
Debata ws. pandemii COVID-19! 
Sytuacja w Polsce i na świecie! Klimczewski, Socha, Giorganni!  
Strona Krzysztofa Wyszkowskiego 
Strona domowa Krzystofa Wyszkowskiego 
Komuszy dogmat «Zielonej Energii» zamroził Teksas 
Sieć energetyczna w Teksasie załamała się pod wpływem temperatur bardziej prawdopodobnych w Sioux Falls niż w San Antonio, pogrążając ponad 4 miliony ludzi w ciemności i pozostawiających ich bez ogrzewania 
Paszporty szczepionkowe to koń trojański (napisy PL) 
Wirusowe kłamstwa. Komu zależy na straszeniu nas przeziebieniem? 
"Służę ludziom, nie instytucjom" 
Główny komisarz policji w Dortmund w przemówieniu do narodu niemieckiego…

We Włoszech nadal zabija się ludzi respiratorami i propofolem… 
Od tych morderstw pod respiratorami rozpoczęto pseudo-pandemię  
Nazwisko Horban na mapie świata 
Czy wirus istnieje? Czy SARS-CoV-2 został wyizolowany?  
Wywiad z Christine Massey. Czy wirus istnieje? Odpowiedzi na te prośby potwierdzają, że nie ma zapisów o izolacji / oczyszczeniu SARS-CoV-2 „wykonanej przez kogokolwiek, gdziekolwiek i kiedykolwiek”.  
Cicha Broń do Cichych Wojen 
Ludobójstwo covid 
Klimat i trop finansowy 
To właśnie mega-korporacje i mega-miliarderzy — (...) są głównymi zwolennikami “oddolnego” ruchu dekarbonizacji — od Szwecji przez Niemcy po USA i dalej. 
Czy w “szczepionkach anty-Covid” znajdują się hydrożele magneto-reaktywne? 
Magnesy i monety są przyciągane przez miejsca “zaszczepienia” 
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi: wykład na temat szczepień  
Wielkie pytania o 9/11 
Strona poświęcona analizie wydarzeń z 11 września 2001 
Cała prawda o ataku z 11 września 
Jeden z filmów usułujących przedstawić prawdę i ataku z 11 września 2001 roku 
Imperium KLAUSA SCHWABA i jego marionetki. DAVOS 2022. 
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The Festival of jewish "Mono Culture" in Lebanon

On Saturday July 8th, we participated, together with Israel Adam Shamir, in Cracow’s Yearly Festival of Jewish Culture, hold near the constructed in 14th century, Old Synagogue of Kazimierz villejuif. We listened there to several musical bands, including the Russian one, invited from St. Petersburg (former Leningrad, USSR), and the American one, consisting of predominantly black musicians directed by a man named Shapiro, invited from – as I remember – New Orleans in Louisiana (former French territory). After listening for an hour to all these excellent groups, a friend of mine from Zakopane remarked “Have you noticed that all these ensembles all the time are repeating the same melody, changing only instruments and manners of its interpretation? (This widely known “Jewish Mono Melody” sounds for me, as a non professional in music, as of Turkish/Balkanian origin.)

So I laughed at that time to my friends – I.A.SH. included – that Jews, the tribe which has invented the monotheism, i.e. the belief in Unique God, of course is compelled to saturate the air with Only One Melody.

Shortly after Cracow’s Festival of Jewish (Mono)Culture, Israel Adam went to St. Petersburg (located not in Florida, but inside “Leningradskaja Oblast’" in Russia), to participate in “Anti G 8 Summit” . As we know from our media, the opening of this well publicised political “8 G(angsters) Summit” coincided with the beginning of an equally impressive “Festival of Jewish (Mono) Culture in Lebanon”. For subsequent 2 weeks of late July I went for a an automobile / bicycle / swimming in 10 lakes trip to Lithuania’s and Belorussia’s National Parks, so I had no much visual and auditory contact with the “media world”. After my arrival back home I learned that the “Festival of Jewish Mono Culture in Lebanon” is not yet over. Yesterday, August 3rd, I heard at radio that Israeli planes are dropping onto Beirut leaflets urging its, counting over 1 million souls, population to evacuate, for the city will be soon razed from the surface of the earth.

So I feel compelled to come back to my “job” of a “heretical philosopher from Cracow” (as I.A.SH. called me in one of his brilliant essays), and to try to repeat my “10 yrs old melody” that the present Festival Of Jewish Culture In Lebanon is the fulfilment of Unique God’s Plans laid out in the Prophecy of Isaiah. The outline of this ethical monstrosity every pious Christian holds in his household, inside owned by him copy of the Holy Bible: according to this sacred book, the God, during His Second Coming “WILL COME IN FIRE, AND HIS CHARIOTS LIKE STORMWIND, TO RENDER HIS ANGER IN FURY, AND THESE SLAIN BY LORD WILL BE MANY (Is. 66, 15-16). Moreover, according to the same remarkable prophet “LEBANON WOULD NOT SUFFICE FOR FUEL, NOR ARE ITS BEASTS FOR A BURNING OFFERING. ALL THE NATIONS ARE AS NOTHING BEFORE HIM, THEY ARE ACCOUNTED BY HIM AS LESS THAN NOTHING AND EMPTINESS . (Is. 40, 16-17).

So, thanks to this Hebrew prophet we know “God’s Plans” for all of us, not only for millions of these Lebanese “beasts”, which at present are becoming ready to furnish the “burning offering” for the LORD (as it was the case, in the not so distant past, of similar “burning offerings” furnished by civil population of Hamburg, Dresden, and Hiroshima). Moreover, we can see at present at our TV how the Israeli Army is realizing the “plan” laid down by the beloved (also by Christians) prophet Isaiah: “EVERY VALLEY SHALL BE LIFTED UP AND EVERY MOUNTAIN AND HILL BE MADE LOW; THE UNEVEN GROUND SHALL BECOME LEVEL, AND THE ROUGH PLACES A PLAIN” (Is. 40, 4). Needless to add that I, as an aging mountain climbing instructor, I am supposed to become obsolete in the flat universe our LORD is planning to create worldwide.

So, as the “summer distraction” from predictions furnished by “our” Christian Bible, I pasted below opinions, concerning the present Festival Of Jewish Culture, of two my distant correspondents, (Sieg)Fried Tischler from Indonesia, and John Kaminski from Florida. The “incredible” suggestion of Kaminski that persisting for weeks “Hezbollach’s Bombardment of Haifa”, is made in fact by Secret Israeli Services, using for this purpose mortars hidden on outskirts of this city, we shall read in the light of the fact, which local Palestinians and Jews remember since 1947. At that time at the entrance to the port of Haifa, the Jewish Secret Services mined and sunk loaded with Jewish immigrants passenger ship “Patria”, killing in this way hundreds of Jews and blaming successfully this act of terror on Arabs – this in order to force British authorities to open Palestine for the massive Jewish immigration.



1. Musings of (Sieg)Fried Tischler

We have been conditioned for half a century to believe in the tired old story that Palestine was a Land without People for People without Land. That it all was a Great Big Lie from the getgo is something that nobody knows - what is more - is not permitted to know. We have all been served with a jumble mix of fact and one-sided interpretation; never have we been given an objective view on it all. The present situation is just more of the same - the nonsensical insane guilt-complex in the people of the world for some having stood up to age-old tactics of usury and deceit is used as a magic wand behind which the usual game is played out. It is as if Newtonian physics (as in actio equals actio) had never been a part of scientific thinking.

Anybody who dares to speak up against it all is being denigrated, demonized and made to look like a monster. Are we really beyond Good and Evil? President Ahmadinejad is being demonized for voicing his opinion that there is good in people, and president Chavez is called whatnot for ploughing the oil-wealth of his country into the welfare of his people! That he does that in cahoots with another one of the pariahs of socio-politic theory (hey - this man constructed a working system that is able to export not weapons but academics - boooh!) makes it even worse! Has Fidel not read the books one has to have read ? All he does is impossible - it contravenes conventional wisdom (better that which the Elders of the Disciplines call wisdom )! Somebody tell these idealists, that this is a dangerous path they are on .... look what happened to Sad Hussain! You think I am joking? So what happened to Slobo Milosevic (the war criminal) in prison? Why did David Irving (the thought criminal) suffer a heart attack in prison? We do not want to mention the names of others who have gone before him (and his peers) and have also taken their oath of office seriously!

Stop pretenting everybody that you are concerned for others , that you grieve for the Palestinians, that you really give three hoots about the environment or that you think of anything else but your paycheck, your superannuation or whether your cover may be blown! Cast the first stone, you that is not among those mentioned.... so the merry-go-round of postmodern life (where it is axiomatic that everybody misunderstands everybody else) will go on.

Until the Learned Elders of the Disciplines will have succeeded in what they have planned for Millennia: for those who are still in the dark about it all ..... block out (for once) the blare of the megaphones, the glare of the silvery screens and listen/look deep into yourself. What will you see? An accomplice! We are all in it ! We value our material posessions, our job our social position our whatnot far more than what wise men have subsumed under the rubric of humanity . The Elders of the Disciplines have gotten away with erecting the academic edifice of “The Humanities” over all those sciences that permit the elites to control the masses. Yes - some may begin to wake up to the fact that much of what lives the existence of a transvestite (while calling itself Science ) is little more than a control mechanism. While you, the gentle reader, are at it consider the bottom line of all this: for the longest time people have been arguing about whether a certain group of people is a nation, anethnic something or even a religion. In reality it is a science .... the science of mediocrity arrogating itself an elevated position within the body of mankind while calling the rest animals (better beasts of burden). Somebody has to pull the plough and trod into the abbattoirs of what we have been told to call history .... maybe - just maybe - Nietsche had diagnosed our present situation more than a century earlier with extreme parsimony: we may really be BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL.

This begs for the question - what is the appropriate label for the present Human condition ?

Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler, Visiting Professor - Ethics of Science, +62 813 656 66956(Indonesia) e-mail: setex01@


”Israel is a false flag, a crime syndicate, not a nation. Judaism is a false religion, really a crime scheme”


Can a Jew tell the truth?

Israeli terror, Zionist corruption, pornographic media, poison drugs, bad doctors, robot lawyers, phony schools, pervert rabbis: the Hebrew/Ashkenazi legacy seems all about robbers and killers and lack of conscience

By John Kaminski

During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, Jews were forbidden to practice medicine because it was believed they only became doctors as a more efficient way of killing gentile cattle. Any resemblance to modern medicine is not purely coincidental.

I challenge Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman, William Blum and all those other Jewish poseurs who label themselves "progressives" to a debate about their perfidy and their hidden allegiance. These and so many other bright but deceptive media lights like William Rivers Pitt or Paul Craig Roberts — or the Arch Shabbez Goi Alex Jones — may wish to explain why they are razor sharp about the wanton excesses of America and the United States, yet conspicuously fail to identify the Jewish links that cause all these serial disasters: actions by banks, media, medicine, education, entertainment, which are all meticulously assembled like a devil’s symphony to destroy the societies on which they are imposed. The immigration issue is also about that, part of the long term Jewish strategy to destroy and plunder the United States and the rest of the world.

I challenge these pop culture icons to talk about Jewish schools that teach fealty to the insane notion that one group of people is so vastly superior to all the others that they have the right to rob and kill those they call lesser animals. While they act progressive, their basic motivation remains the same as any sociopathic, narcissistic killer. All that counts is what you can take, or how you can get off. And the secrets you keep that make you do it.

The secret that Israel keeps inflicting on the world — through subterfuge, media indoctrination, bribery, blackmail and mass murder — is that the problem is someone else's: America's, Britain's, Germany's, Russia's, Rome's .... when the real deal is that all these societies were surreptitiously destabilized for profit. The new style of destabilization for profit is what we now see in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq ... and anywhere the worldwide Jewish financial octopus decides to clamp its toxic tentacles.

Israel is a false flag, a crime syndicate, not a nation. Judaism is a false religion, really a crime scheme, only for Jews, not for anyone else, because anyone else is, according to Jews, cattle.

This is the precise insanity that is destroying the world, and you and I support it in significant ways. But Jews abet it, operate it, ever devise new ways to fleece the goyim, from putting porn stars on the covers of young girl how-to magazines, to manuscripts of the highest order being slightly changed to benefit a certain tribe in perpetuity. Can you say Scofield Bible?

From shooting little children in the head and calling it fighting terrorism. This is part of the most evil Jewish media spin of all time. What people should be saying is: Jewish terrorists, Palestinian freedom fighters.

How do you feel about that, Mr. Chomsky?

Or how about this question from my friends in Queensland?

Haifa Attacks Are More Propaganda

As fear grips the town of Haifa, it is now confirmed that Hezzbolah has pulled out the fearsome Fajr-5s. These are big, fairly sophisticated, use a tractor truck as a launch platform, and carry massive war heads.
Once again these Israelis stories are total nonsense. These missile platforms, which are said to be located in Tyre would be spotted in minutes. The type of damage from the shells hitting Haifa, are mortars at best.
Fifty bucks says there is a Israeli mortar team outside of Haifa lobbing shells, so Israel can garner world sympathy.

You’re so eloquent about America’s depredations, so silent about the significance of Israel, which you call “just another country.” Please discourse on your statement that Israel had nothing to do with 9/11. Then we’ll listen with hearty but feigned amazement at the derisive laughter from an unamused world that rains down on your bogus analysis.

And you, Ms. Goodman, icon of the gatekeeper airwaves: Why was it you would never talk about 9/11? For three years, wasn’t it? Now that it has gained some modest share of the media market, you feel free to mention it every now and then, but you much prefer to stay focused on Haiti, Darfur, Bolivia or anywhere else that is as far away from Israel as you can get.

As you failed to focus on 9/11 as the central phenomenon in world politics, isn’t your mission to keep people distracted with wrenching testimony to keep them from noticing the one evil tribe that has completely taken over Western society? Or is it, like all those other “naive” Jewish writers who insist we’re all in this together, that you just never noticed how many aspects of human society Jewish strategy has totally infused with its scatological, sadomasochistic undertones .... all geared to assist in the destabilization of the existing society.

Would any one of you — Chomsky, Goodman, Zinn, Blum, Pitt or Jones — care to comment about the overall strategy of the Jewish community is to control the world, and that it has already happened, and that your work merely perpetuates it?

I was brought up to believe that the worst thing you could ever call anyone was a Nazi. Much later in life I learned that it was the Western powers — England and the U.S. — who really started World War II, but even way back then, it wasn't really them: it was the power of Jewish bankers, executed by Bernard Baruch and Felix Frankfurter (today's comparison would be Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz), who not only created Roosevelt, but who started WW II, for the purpose of destroying Germany’s economic success, and creating Israel.

Israel. The crime syndicate of the Illuminati. Except that the Illuminati is wholly Jewish, started by a Jew turned Catholic, operated by the Jews who control the money. Now used as a convenient myth by Jewish writers to say the problems is not really Jewish.

In a similar vein, see Professor Kevin MacDonald’s “Neoconservatism as a Jewish movement.” It’s run by Jews, posing as something else. Stop kidding yourself that any other other label will suffice. Don’t be deceived by the media spin. The media are Jewish.

Now, in the year 2006, throughout the world, Nazi is no longer the most insulting epithet one can hurl: it has been overtaken in popularity by the word American. Yanqui dog. Sure, Israeli is an even more ominous insult. Because Israelis enjoy killing children, lending a vivid bloody credence to the horrid legends that rabbis murder and drink the blood of gentile children.

Thus, as American soldiers rape children in Iraq and Israel foists its false flag terror on unarmed people, this reputation has overspread Britain and the United States. You can't trust any of them. Remember, the U.S. made 103 official treaties with its own native population, and never kept one of them. This is the lesson the rest of the world must learn, and learn quickly, before the last glint of human freedom is irretrievably lost to “the man's” machining of the human mind.

“The man” is insane, he’s a banker, and he’s Jewish.

Venezuela’s charismatic president Hugo Chavez nailed it:

The world has an offer for everybody but it turned out that a few minorities — the descendants of those who crucified Christ .... took possession of the riches of the world, a minority took possession of the planet’s gold, the silver, the minerals, the water, the good lands, the oil, and they have concentrated all the riches in the hands of a few; less than 10 percent of the world population owns more than half of the riches of the world.

But the more relevant quote was uttered by venerated, supposedly immortal Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died in 1994:

... the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world…A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It is written, ‘And the strangers shall guard and feed your flocks’ (Isaiah 61:5). The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews…”

There you have it. Can a Jew tell the truth? The answer would have to be “No!”

Only a human being can tell the truth, and since according to their holy books and statements of their leaders, Jews consider human beings to be “dogs,” “cattle” and “cockroaches,” they can’t possibly tell the truth.

Now the key question: What do humans do about this knowledge?

Maybe Larry Silverstein, the man who leased the World Trade Centers and, a few months later, made billions. Or perhaps Rabbi Dov Zakheim? The man who coordinated the Pentagon budget just before Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion was missing. That announcement was made the day before 9/11/2001. Zakheim, who also headed the Bush government’s remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program development, moved to Israel shortly after Rumsfeld’s announcement, and the chaos of the days that followed.

Perhaps some Jewish person could tell you the truth about all this? What do you think?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays are now banned by most gatekeeper media. His latest collection of essays, “Recipe for Extinction,” is available at
4 sierpień 2006

Marek Głogoczowski 



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